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Ameri 330 Watt Mono Solar Panel

Ameri 330 Watt Mono Solar Panel  Price in Pakistan
Ameri 330 Watt Mono Solar Panel


The 330W Amerisolar monocrystalline photovoltaic module is designed for any type of solar power plant: autonomous, hybrid, network. The solar panel consists of 72 high-quality photovoltaic cells Ja Solar. The device is protected from moisture and dust by transparent tempered glass. The whole structure is placed in a solid aluminum frame that can withstand significant loads: wind - up to 2400 Pa, snow - up to 5400 Pa.


  • Excellent performance at a budget price.
  • Increased wear resistance.
  • The panels are suitable for regions with very cold and hot climates.
  • Long service life (30 years) with 80% power saving.
  • Low weight, which makes it possible not to overload the roof structure during the roof placement of solar panels.
  • Good performance for this type of battery. Maximum efficiency - 17.01%.


Ameri 330 Watt Mono Solar Panel

Product Details
Product NameAmeri 330 Watt Mono Solar Panel
PriceRs. 17,160/-
Size156 * 156mm
EfficiencyEfficiency (%) 17.01
General Specification
Operating Temperaturerange -40 ... + 85
PowerMaximum power (Wmp) 330
weight23 (kg)
DimensionSize of the panel (mm) 1956 * 992 * 50

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