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Ameri 330 Watt Poly Solar Panel

Ameri 330 Watt Poly Solar Panel  Price in Pakistan
Ameri 330 Watt Poly Solar Panel


The 330W Amerisolar AS-6P polycrystalline photovoltaic module is designed for any type of solar power plant: autonomous, hybrid, network. The solar panel consists of 72 high-quality photovoltaic cells Ja Solar. The device is protected from moisture and dust by transparent tempered glass. The whole structure is placed in a solid aluminum frame that can withstand significant loads: wind - up to 2400 Pa, snow - up to 5400 Pa.


  • Excellent performance at a budget price.
  • Increased wear resistance.
  • The panels are suitable for regions with very cold and hot climates.
  • Long service life (30 years) with 80% power saving.
  • Low weight, which makes it possible not to overload the roof structure during the roof placement of solar panels.
  • Good performance for this type of battery. Maximum efficiency - 17.01%.


Product Details
Product NameAmeri 330 Watt Poly Solar Panel
PriceRs. 15,840/-
Size156 * 156mm
Efficiency(%) 17.01
General Specification
Operating TemperatureOperating temperature range -40 ... + 85
PowerMaximum power (Wmp) 330
weight(kg) 23
DimensionSize of the panel (mm) 1956 * 992 * 50

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