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Cash Counting Machines

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The minimum cash counting machines price in pakistan is 18,750 and the estimated average of price is 181,500

Product NamePrice
Black Copper Banknote Counting Machine BC-NC-1ECORs. 18,750/- 
Black Copper Currency Counter And Detector 2108Rs. 18,750/- 
Cash Counting MachineRs. 30,000/- 
Multi Currency Counter And Detector AL-5100ARs. 30,000/- 
Black Copper BC-PKNC1 Bill Counter MachineRs. 57,600/- 
Black Copper Banknote Counter BC-BD-1SMRs. 181,500/- 
Black Copper Banknote Counter BC-BD-2LGRs. 198,000/- 
Cash Counting Machine
Model: CCM-01
OVERVIEW:Automatic currency counter with UV (ultra violet), MG (magnetic), DD (dimension), and IR (infrared) detectionCounts up to 1200 bills per minuteHopper capacity up to 300 billsCounting Modes: Automatic Counting and Batch (1-999) CountingRetractable Handle - Provides easy portabilityAuto Start..
Brand: Black Copper Model: CCM-02
OVERVIEW:Multi Currency Counter and Detector 2108 Being the latest generation of money counter,this model is the vanguard of our evolution in bill couinting technology.Features:Automatic detecting with UV(Ultraviolet) and MG(Magnetic) while counting.Suitable for most currencies in the world.Automati..
Black Copper Banknote Counter BC-BD-1SM
Brand: Black Copper Model: CCM-03
OVERVIEW:High counting rapidityFlawless clearing up system can ensure great working condition.Microcomputer control can make performance more flawless.Preset Mode.Adding Mode..
Black Copper Banknote Counter BC-BD-2LG
Brand: Black Copper Model: CCM-04
OVERVIEW:High counting rapidity,Flawless clearing up system can ensure great working condition.Microcomputer control can make performance more flawless.Preset Mode,Adding Mode..
Black Copper Banknote Counting Machine BC-NC-1ECO
Brand: Black Copper Model: CCM-05
OVERVIEW:MG (magnetic ink) UV, infrared technology captures with fake money.£ - $ - € Count the currency feature.Banknote dimensions: 50x90 mm - 110x175 mmLED display.Monetary capacity of 250.Fast and accurate counting feature.1000 money counting feature in minutes.External display.Features:Auto sta..
Black Copper BC-PKNC1 Bill Counter Machine
Brand: Black Copper Model: CCM-07
OVERVIEW:BC-PKNC1 Mixed Denomination Value Counter and Specially for Pakistan's CurrencyFeatures:Automatic start, stop and clearUV IR 3D detectionMG MT detectionBatch function: allows you to preset a specific number of bills that the machine will count up to.Add function: allows cumulative counting ..
Multi Currency Counter and Detector AL-5100A
Model: CCM-06
OVERVIEW:This bill counter will save valuable time at any business by eliminating the manual counting of multiple bills. At over 1000 bills per minute, in most currencies, this machine will count bills with 100% accuracy. Features:Automatic detecting with UV(ultraviolet) and MG(magnetic) while ..
NC125V Cash Counting Machine
Model: SDLS-316
OVERVIEW:NC-125 counts with the speed up to 1500 sheets per minute. You simply place the notes under the clamp – and the bill starts automatically. At the end of a pack of bills released. You can pre-set on the control panel number of notes that you want to count from 0 to 9. Can use AU / RM functio..
NC135V Cash Counting Machine
Model: SDLS-315
FEATURES:Value counting with automatic currency recognition functionAutomatic value counting with mixed currenciesAuto/Manual start and stopHalf Note/Chain Note/ Double Note/ Size DetectionOptional with single CIS or double CIS solutionDetailed report directly on the TFT LCD displaySerial number rea..
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