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Humidity / Temperature Meter

Buy Humidity / Temperature Meter products online at the best price in Pakistan. Get genuine May 2022 Humidity / Temperature Meter components like Infrared Thermometer, Thermohygrometer, Data Loggers, Other Temperature & Humidity at lowest price in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar & across Pakistan.

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The minimum temperature and humidity meter price in pakistan is Rs.10,000 and the average price is Rs.25,000. Buy the updated price of May 2022 for UNI-T, Elitech, Mastech, TES, Fluke, and other products

Product NamePrice
HTC-2 Temperature And Humidity MeterRs. 700/- 
Uni-T A13T Temperature Humidity MeterRs. 1,400/- 
Uni-T A12T Temperature Humidity MeterRs. 1,550/- 
Elitech GSP-6 Temperature and Humidity Data LoggerRs. 10,000/- 
Mastech MS6252B Temperature and Humidity MeterRs. 10,500/- 
ST-321S Humidity Temperature MeterRs. 18,000/- 
TES-1360A Humidity Temperature MeterRs. 24,500/- 
TES 1160 Humidity Temperature MeterRs. 30,000/- 
TES-1364 Humidity Temperature MeterRs. 34,000/- 
Fluke 971 Temperature Humidity MeterRs. 45,000/- 
Brand: Elitech Model: MTAM-0514
OVERVIEW:Elitech GSP6 data logger is mainly used to record the temperature and humidity of food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, etc. It is widely applicable to each link in the storage and logistics of the cold chains, such as refrigerated containers, refrigerator truck, cooler bag, cooler cabinet, ..
Elitech RCW800 WIFI Temperature and Humidity Data Logger
Brand: Elitech Model: MTAM-0738
OVERVIEW:Elitech RCW-800 Wi-Fi temperature logger is a two-channel temperature and relative humidity data logger based on the Internet of Things technology. All data recorded is transmitted via Wi-Fi network infrastructure. There is no communication fee, thereby, reducing operational costs and fees...
Fluke 971 Temperature Humidity Meter
Brand: Fluke Model: MTAM-0114
OVERVIEW:Temperature and humidity are two important factors in maintaining optimal comfort levels and good indoor air quality. Quickly and conveniently take accurate humidity and temperature readings with the Fluke 971. The Fluke 971 is invaluable for facility maintenance and utility technic..
Lutron TM-956 Infrared Thermometer
Out Of Stock
Brand: Lutron Model: MTAM-278
FEATURES:Back light LCD display.0.95 emissivity value.LED target light, safety.0.5 degree display resolution.0C, 0 F internal select.Automatic data hold.Max. target distance 40 inchDocument:Lutron TM-956 Infrared Thermometer..
Mastech MS6252B Digital Anemometer with Temperature/Humidity
Out Of Stock
Brand: Mastech Model: MTAN-15
FEATURES:This meter is a digital anemometer for measuring the ambient temperature, humidity, dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature, wind speed and air volume. It is a portable and professional measuring instrument with large-screen LCD backlight and multi-unit switchingApplications:..
Smart Sensor AR320 Infrared Thermometer
Out Of Stock
Brand: SMART SENSOR Model: SSAR-04
OVERVIEW:The most basic design consists of a lens to focus the infrared (IR) energy on to a detector, which converts the energy to an electrical signal that can be displayed in units of temperature after being compensated for ambient temperature variation. Features:Light weight and easy operati..
Brand: SMART SENSOR Model: SSAR-02
OVERVIEW:The most basic design consists of a lens to focus the infrared (IR) energy onto a detector, which converts the energy to an electrical signal that can be displayed in units of temperature after being compensated for ambient temperature variation...
Smart Sensor AS872D Infrared Thermometer
Out Of Stock
Brand: SMART SENSOR Model: MTAM-0327
OVERVIEW:Adjustable Emissivity: Pre-set 0.95 emissivity suitable for most of things, but adjustable emissivity 0.1 to 1.0 enable you to measure more irregular objects Reading quickly and accurately: 50:1 Distance to Spot Ratio means you can get degrees at long distance; Degrees updates t..
Brand: Standard Instruments Model: MTTH-11
FEATURE:Fast response timeHigh performanceMax hold and data hold functionDual display and backlight..
Standard ST-812 Infrared Thermometer
Out Of Stock
Brand: Standard Instruments Model: MTAM-0460
OVERVIEW:Explore, Get latest Standard & other electronic components at discounted price in Pakistan with free cash on delivery service across Pakistan. We provide Standard at official prices from distributor and dealers in Pakistan...
Terminator TIR-8863 Dual Laser InfraRed Thermometer
Out Of Stock
Brand: Terminator Model: MTAM-0469
OVERVIEW:TIR-8863 Terminator series dual laser infrared thermometer is CEM according to market demand, carefully developed and designed with high performance, cost-effective temperature measurement products. Small volume, easy to carry, double laser pointer can conveniently targeting and more accura..
TES 1160 Thermo/Hygro/Barometer/Humidity Temperature Meter
Brand: TES Model: MADM-14
FEATURE:Triple LCD displays Barometric pressure,Temperature, and Relative humidity.Dew point and Wet bulb temperature reading.Absolute humidity, Mixing ratio and Enthalpy reading.Water vapor pressure and Water saturation pressure reading.Pressure trend and tendency (P3h) reading.Heat Index and Humid..
TES 1327 Infrared Thermometer
Out Of Stock
Brand: TES Model: MTAM-0136
OVERVIEW:TES 1327 Infrared Thermometer is digital and is used with a type-K thermocouple input, being a dual measurement product.Although its precise design, the hand-held Infrared Thermometer is easy to operate. Furthermore, the backlight illumination function is helpful to user who is accustomed t..
TES-1360A Humidity Temperature Meter
Brand: TES Model: MTTH-10
FEATURE:TES 1360A is designed for measurement of temperature, relative humidity.Measured values are displayed on a three-line LCD display.Meter compares all measured values (temperature, humidity, and dew point temperature) with two adjustable levels for each measured quantity. Breaking the level is..
TES-1364 Humidity Temperature Meter
Brand: TES Model: MTAM-0103
FEATURE:Detachable sensing probe.Data Hold & Relative function.Dual LCD display with Bargraph indication.Datalogging capacity 10,100 dual reading. (%RH &Temp). (TES-1365)Dew Point Reading.RS-232 interface & windows software. (TES-1365)Wet bulb Reading.Automatic Timer Recording for Datalo..
Brand: UNI-T Model: MTAM-0643
OVERVIEW:UNI-T A13T Temperature Humidity Meter measures real-time temperature and humidity and display readings on a large screen. These can be  used for both indoor and outdoor measurements. A12T has an additional external sensor probe for measuring temperatures of two locations. Both of these..
Brand: UNI-T Model: MTAM-0688
OVERVIEW:UNI-T UT302C+ series measures object temperature from a distance through its emitted radiation. Handheld infrared thermometer feature 20:1 D:S ratio, adjustable emissivity and can be power using a battery. High-Temperature Gun Meter UT302C+ is ideal for processes that require temperature mo..
Brand: BENETECH Model: CPCB-10216
OVERVIEW:This unit consists of an optics system, photoelectric sensor, signal amplifier, signal process circuit, and LCD. The optics system collects the infrared energy emitted by an object and focuses on the sensor. Then the sensor translates the energy into an electrical signal which will be turne..
CEM DT-8868 High-Temperature Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
Brand: CEM Model: MTAM-0774
OVERVIEW:This Infra-Red Thermometer is capable of noncontact (infrared) temperature measurements at the touch of a button. The built-in laser pointer increases target accuracy while the backlight LCD and handy push-buttons combine for convenience. ergonomic operation.The Non-contact Infrared Thermom..
Cem DT8867H Infrared Thermometer
Brand: CEM Model: MTAM-026
OVERVIEW:Explore to find out the latest Cem DT8867H Infrared Thermometer products & other electronic components at a discounted price in Pakistan with free cash on delivery service across Pakistan. We are official distributors of Cem DT8867H Infrared Thermometer in Pakistan. ..
Circutor M-CVM-B-Datalogger Expansion Modules
Brand: CIRCUTOR Model: MTAM-0404
OVERVIEW:Expansion module which enables logging of historical data, accessible through the JAVA™ compatible web browser (PowerStudio environment).Applications:Storage of data in own unit.Integration in SCADA through XML requests (service integrated in the module)Programming and storage of calculatio..
Dongcheng DFF6520 A Infared Thermometer
Out Of Stock
Brand: Dongcheng Model: HASW-203
OVERVIEW:Explore to find out the latest Dongcheng DFF6520 A Infrared Thermometer products & other electronic components at a discounted prices in Pakistan with free cash on delivery service across Pakistan. We are official distributors of Dongcheng DFF6520 A Infrared Thermometer..
Model: MTAM-340
OVERVIEW:Accurate AND Reliable:To achieve high accuracy, equipped with premium quality titanium alloy probe, and reliable Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) ensures reading always be accurate at various temperatures.Easy and Instantly:Just turn PH meter on and stir water gently, then stabilize..
Brand: Fluke Model: MTAM-008
OVERVIEW:The Fluke 116 comes with the Fluke 80BK-A integrated DMM temperature probe. The microamp function allows flame sensor measurement down to 0.1 microamps. The AutoV/LoZ function prevents false readings caused by ghost voltage. The Fluke 116 also has a large white LED backlight for wor..
Brand: Fluke Model: Fluke-05
OVERVIEW:The Fluke 568 is the two-in-one IR and contact thermometers with an innovative dot matrix display.With a simple, 3-button on-screen menu interface (in 6 languages) the Fluke 568 and 566 digital laser thermometers make even complex measurements easy. Quickly navigate advanced feat..
Brand: Fluke Model: Fluke-06
OVERVIEW:The Fluke 62 MAX+ infrared thermometer are everything you'd expect from the experts in measuring temperature in transformers, motors, pumps, panels, breakers, compressors, duct, steam lines, valves, and vents in hard to reach areas for repair and maintenance. Small in size, extremel..
Brand: Fluke Model: MTAM-223
OVERVIEW:The fluke vt04a visual IR thermometer is designed to help you see it all. You can see issues in context by blending the infrared heat map with a visual image. You can easily identify the exact location of the potential issue by blending the two at 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% infrare..
Lutron DM-9962SD Real Time Data Logger Multimeter + LCR
Brand: Lutron Model: MTAM-307
OVERVIEW:The Lutron DM9962SD is a data logging true rms digital multimeter that is extremely affordable. It is a 1000V 10A AC/DCFeatures:Real time data logger, save the data into the micro SD memory card and can be downloaded to the Excel, extra software is no need.Real time data logger, built-in cl..
Lutron GC-2028 Co2 Meter + Temperature Meter
In Stock
Brand: Lutron Model: MTAM-0190
OVERVIEW:NDIR method principal for CO2 ( Carbon dioxide ) measurement available for long term operation. High repeatability and high accuracy. Separate probe easy operation and convenient for remote measurement CO2 function with alarm setting Large S-TN LCD high contrast easy readout. Data h..
Lutron HT-3006HA Humidity & Temperature Meter
Brand: Lutron Model: MTAM-280
FEATURES:Precision humidity sensor for humidity measurement high precision, fast responseType K/J thermometer build in temperature linearity and precision cold junction compensation circuit, high accuracySuper large LCD display, easy readoutRecords Maximum and Minimum readings with recallAuto shut o..
Brand: Lutron Model: MTAM-206
OVERVIEW:pH : 0 to 14.00 pH, mV : -1999 to 1999 mV, Temp. : 0 to 100.0 oC.Manual/Auto Temp. compensation.Size : 160 x 80 x 35 mm. Document:Lutron PH-206 PDF..
Brand: Lutron Model: MTAM-247
FEATURES:Multi-measurementpH, mV, Temperature.Dual display, show the pH & Temp.Value at the same LCD display.High input impedance.Wide automatic & manual temperature compensation range.With the optional temp. probe for temp. compensation automatically or temperature measurement.The instrumen..
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