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Earth & Insulation Tester

Fluke 1625-2 GEO Earth Ground Tester Kit
Brand: Fluke Model: FLUE-98
OVERVIEW:The Fluke 1625-2 earth ground tester measures earth ground loop resistances using only clamps, only stakes, or one clamp and stakes. With the stakeless test method, the Fluke 1625-2 is able to measure earth ground loop resistances for multi-grounded systems using only current clamps.The Flu..
Rs. 795,000/-
Brand: Fluke Model: FLUE-20
OVERVIEW: The Fluke 1507 Insulation Tester is a compact, rugged, reliable, and easy to use. With its multiple test voltages, it is ideal for many troubleshooting, commissioning, and preventative maintenance applications. Additional features, like the remote probe on this tool save both tim..
Rs. 258,250/-
Model: SDLS-684
OVERVIEW:This instrument is controlled by an intelligent microcontroller chip, with high reliability and high accuracy. It can be used to test the earth resistance of various power distribution lines, indoor wiring, electrical equipment, telecommunications, etc. There are two measurement methods: tw..
Rs. 33,750/-
Kaise SK-3502 Digital  Insulation Tester
Brand: Kaise Model: KAIE-06
FEATURE:50V/125V/250V/500V (SK-3500), 125V/250V/500V/1000V (SK-3502)Comparator Function.Data Memory (up to 100 data).Low Resistance Measurement.AC/DC Voltage Measurement.Enhanced Safety Functions.Document:Kaise SK-3502 Insulation Resistance Meter..
Rs. 37,000/-
Kyoritsu 3005A Digital Insulation / Continuity Testers
Brand: KYORITSU Model: KYOU-31
FEATURES: Bargraph to display insulation resistance.Displays the value of external AC voltage along with a flashing symbol.Auto null function to automatically subtract the test lead resistance before displaying the real continuity resistance value.Live circuit warning b..
Rs. 58,000/-
KYORITSU 3132A Analogue Insulation / Continuity Tester
Brand: KYORITSU Model: KYOU-17
FEATURES: Dust and drip-proof construction. (designed to IEC 60529 IP54)Designed to meet IEC 61010-1 and IEC 61557 safety standard.1mA rated test current at the minimum resistance.200mA measuring current on continuity testing.Automatic discharge of circuit ..
Rs. 40,000/-
Brand: KYORITSU Model: KYOU-03
FEATURES: The earth resistance from 0.05 to 1500Ω can be measured without the auxiliary earth spikes.(The Multiple Earthing System.) True RMS Accurate true RMS readings of AC current including distorted waveform from 1mA to 30.0A Noise Check Function A function to detect..
Rs. 325,000/-
KYORITSU KEW 3124A High Voltage Insulation Tester 10000V
Brand: KYORITSU Model: KYOU-56
OVERVIEW:The Kyoritsu 3124A High Voltage Insulation Tester permits a wide range of insulation testing up to 100 Gigaohms at variable test voltage from 1kv to 10kv.Features:Permits a wide range of insulation testing up to 100 GΩ at variable test voltage from 1 to 10kVDC voltage output for recordersOu..
Rs. 350,000/-
Brand: KYORITSU Model: KYOU-18
FEATURES: Insulation Resistance up to 1TΩShort-Circuit Current up to 1.5mAWide Test Voltage from 250V to 5000VDiagnosis Function of PI and DARNewly-designed alligator clipIt comes with a tough hard caseFilter function reduces noise interference for obtaining s..
Rs. 190,000/-
KYORITSU KEW 3126 High Voltage Insulation Tester
Brand: KYORITSU Model: KYOU-19
FEATURES: Short-Circuit Current up to 5 mAWide range measurements from 500 V to 5000 V and up to 1 TΩLarge digital display with Bar Graph indication and white LED backlightPolarization Index measurement (PI), Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR)Filter function redu..
Rs. 195,000/-
Brand: KYORITSU Model: KYOU-20
FEATURES: Microprocessor controlled high voltage insulation resistance tester with Diagnostic functions.Suitable for analyzing the insulation characteristics of cables, transformers, motors, generators, high-pressure switches, insulators, wiring installations, etc.6..
Rs. 950,000/-
Brand: Lutron Model: LUTN-61
FEATURES:Digital display, easy and correct read-out.Multi-function for insulation measurement of 200 Megohm (100V) 200 Megohm(250V), 200 Megohm(500V), 1000 Megohm(1000V).Build in the ACV & OHM measurement function.Precision 200 ohm range easy for measuring low resistance such as motor windings, ..
Rs. 178,000/-
Brand: Lutron Model: LUTN-62
FEATURES:Portable Insulation TesterAuto-range and multi-function for insulation measurement Range: 4, 40, 400 and 4000 MegOhm (100V 250V, 500V, 1000V)Auto discharge function for safetyBuilt-in ACV, DCV and OHMS measurement functionsLock and Test function for improved worker safetyLarge LCD disp..
Rs. 198,000/-
Brand: Lutron Model: LUTN-57
OVERVIEW:Lutron DL-6054 ACA Leakage Tester High precision AC mA measurement, it is useful for AC mA leakage current measurement, Measure AC mA on the inductive conductor, Miniature type, easy to carry out & operation High precision for low ACA leakage current measurement, Built-in DATA HOLD work..
Rs. 97,000/-
Lutron EMF-828 Electronic 3D EMF Electromagnetic Field Tester
Brand: Lutron Model: LUTN-134
FEATURES:Three axis ( X, Y, Z direction ) electromagnetic field measurement.The EMF tester is designed to provide user a quick, reliable and easy way to measure electromagnetic field radiation levels around power lines, electrical appliances and industrial devices.Wide measuring ranges, 3 ranges of ..
Rs. 38,000/-
Brand: Lutron Model: LUTN-63
OVERVIEW:The Lutron ET3000 has a manual power on/off or auto power off within two minutes after power on.It also has a built in over input indication.It comes with a durable and portable housing plastic case with the front protection cover.Data hold function to freeze the display reading value.Featu..
Rs. 248,000/-
Megger DET2/3 Advanced Earth (Ground) Tester
Brand: Megger Model: MEGR-11
OVERVIEW:The Megger® DET2/3 automatic earth (ground) test instrument is robust, compact, and designed to measure earth Electrode Resistance and Soil Resistivity. It provides a full range of test methods and excels at the four-terminal method of measurement, which eliminates the resistance of the cur..
Rs. 1,300,000/-
Megger MIT1025 10KV Diagnostic Insulation Resistance Tester
Brand: Megger Model: MEGR-02
OVERVIEW: Offering CAT IV, the MIT1025 is compact, light 10 kV insulation resistance tester for the diagnostic testing and maintenance of high voltage electrical equipment. Enclosed in a tough case it is both smaller and lighter than its predecessor making it even easier to carry and store. ..
Rs. 2,800,000/-
Megger MIT400 Industrial Insulation Tester
Brand: Megger Model: MEGR-05
FEATURES: CATIV 600V applicationsInsulation testing to 1000V and to 200GΩTRMS and DC Voltage measurementContinuity testing at 200mA down to 0.01ΩAnalogue and dual digital displayInsulation and continuity limit alarmsPI/DAR and Timer functionTest result storageB..
Rs. 260,000/-
Megger MIT410 Insulation Tester
Brand: Megger Model: MEGR-06
OVERVIEW: The Megger MIT410 insulation resistance and continuity tester incorporates all the features required for electricians, technicians and engineers working in a range of industries as well as a number of special functions required for more demanding applications. From small scale elect..
Rs. 270,000/-
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The minimum earth & insulation tester price in Pakistan is 11,000 and the estimated average price is 29,500

Product NamePrice
Mastech MS5209 Analog Earth Resistance TesterRs. 11,000/- 
UNI-T UT511 Insulation Resistance TesterRs. 13,000/- 
Mastech MS5201 Digital Insulation TesterRs. 13,500/- 
UNI-T UT521 Earth TesterRs. 15,500/- 
CEM ST-5300B Digital Ground Resistance TesterRs. 22,500/- 
Lutron DL-6054 Portable Aca Digital Leakage TesterRs. 26,400/- 
SEW ST-1520 Digital Earth Resistance TesterRs. 27,000/- 
TES-1605 Digital Earth TesterRs. 28,000/- 
SEW 1651 IN Digital (Up To 1kV) Insulation TesterRs. 29,500/- 
Lutron EMF-828 Electronic 3D EMF Electromagnetic Field TesterRs. 35,500/- 

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Product Name Price
Fluke 1625-2 GEO Earth Ground Tester Kit Rs. 795,000/-
Fluke 1507 Insulation Resistance Multimeter Rs. 258,250/-
Habotest HT-2302 2P and 3P Earth Resistance Tester Meter 250V Rs. 33,750/-
Kaise SK-3502 Digital Insulation Tester Rs. 37,000/-
Kyoritsu 3005A Digital Insulation / Continuity Testers Rs. 58,000/-
KYORITSU 3132A Analogue Insulation / Continuity Tester Rs. 40,000/-
KYORITSU 4200 Earth Clamp Tester Rs. 325,000/-
KYORITSU KEW 3124A High Voltage Insulation Tester 10000V Rs. 350,000/-
KYORITSU KEW 3125A High Voltage Insulation Tester Rs. 190,000/-
KYORITSU KEW 3126 High Voltage Insulation Tester Rs. 195,000/-
KYORITSU KEW 3128 High Voltage Insulation Tester Rs. 950,000/-
Lutron DI-6300 Digital Insulation Tester Rs. 178,000/-
Lutron DI-6400 Digital Insulation Tester + DMM Rs. 198,000/-
Lutron DL-6054 Portable Aca Digital Leakage Tester Rs. 97,000/-
Lutron EMF-828 Electronic 3D EMF Electromagnetic Field Tester Rs. 38,000/-