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TES-33 Battery Capacity Tester Meter
Brand: TES Product
FEATURES:Produces the only true measure of battery capacityMeasures resistance, voltage, current & temperatureHas built-in comparator with memoryBoth manual and continuous data memoryCan measure 0 - 1200AH of battery capacityPerforms load test analysisAuto-hold and Auto-data storageUp to 6000 se..
BSIDE ESR02 Pro Digital Transistor Tester
OVERVIEW:The instrument is a small electronic enthusiasts, developers, electronic maintenance and production plant research and development of small instruments. Can be measured in-line devices, but also test chip devices, can be measured a variety of diodes, transistors, MOS tube; can determine the..
SM8124 Battery Internal Resistance Voltmeter
OVERVIEW:SM8124 battery internal resistance voltage meter can clearly test the battery internal resistance and voltage. It can test 0.2ohm, 2ohm, 20ohm range, and internal resistance resolution can be 0.2ohm(0.0001ohm), 2ohm(0.001ohm), 20ohm(0.01ohm). Voltage measurement rance  could be 0~2V,2V..
Brand: Mastech
OVERVIEW:The MS8238 is a small, safe and reliable 3 1/2 digit handheld multimeter. This meter can measure AC/DC voltage, DC current, resistance, diode, continuity and battery test. This tool is ideal for professionals and hobbyists alike.Features:Display 2000 countsDiode Open Voltage 3.0VContinuity ..
OVERVIEW:VXDAS BA101 12V Battery Tester is also with multi-functions:   Battery test: analyze the battery healthy status to calculate the actual cold cranking capability of the battery and the aging extent, which provide reliable analysis evidence for the test and maintenance of the batter..
SEW 6470 BT Battery Tester
Brand: Sew
OVERVIEW:6470 BT battery resistance tester can measure rechargeable battery resistance and DC voltage on line. Resistance measure signal use 1kHz AC frequence. Test lead used 4-wire measurement method can reduce contact resistance and lead resistance, measuring secondary batteries including Ni-cd, N..
OVERVIEW:Stranded on the side of the road or in a dark parking lot? No worries! The Black and Decker 450 amp jump starter can restart your vehicle instantly, without the need for another vehicle. With enough power to jump start your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, RV or tractor, the Black and Decker 4..
OVERVIEW:Helps reliably when starting cars, tractors, boats, recreational vehicles and all other vehicles with 12 V battery. It is not only a helper for starting motors, but it also offers a maximum of security. The sealed lead-acid battery is leak proof and offer high energy to start engines. The c..
OVERVIEW:Plug and wire compartment for neat storage12 volt DC outlet connects the booster from inside your vehicle without any need for jump leadsAC Household and DC vehicle adapters allows charging from home or vehicleCompact design: fits into most glove compartments2 led ultra bright and long last..
TES-33S Battery Capacity Tester Meter
Brand: TES Product
OVERVIEW:Test Condition Without Shutting Down Battery.Simultaneously Measure Battery Resistance, Voltage, Current, Temperature.Auto-hold and Auto-data storage.Comparator Function.Rates Conditions as Pass, Warning, or Fail.Memory and Read FunctionCompact and L..
OVERVIEW:DY294 is mainly used for testing the DC parameters of manifold semiconductors such as diode, transistor, controlled silicon and field effect transistor. DY294 also can be used to test the withstand voltage of capacitor, protection voltage of varistor and isolation of electrical. Meanwhile D..
OVERVIEW:Digitally analyze the condition of your automotive battery with this easy-to-use battery analyzer. This unit checks voltage, cold cranking amps (CCA), resistance and overall battery condition and displays information on a large backlit LCD screen. Features:..
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