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Pen-Type Multimeters

Brand: Standard Instruments Model: MTDM-10
FEATURES:auto range or manual rangedata-hold functionauto power-offdiode and continuity testvoltage measurements: AC and DC 600V max.current measurements: AC 34mA and DC 340mA max.resistance measurements: 34Mohm max.fuse protection: F500mA / 250Vcompliance: IEC1010 CATII 1000V, CATIII 600VImportant ..
Brand: Mastech Model: MTDM-12
OVERVIEW:This meter is a portable professional measuring instrument withhandsome LCD easilyreading. Single operation of a transform switchmakes measurement convenient. Overload protection and low batteryindication are provided, this meter is ideal for usein the fields,workshop, school, hobby and hom..
Brand: HIOKI Model: MTDM-46
OVERVIEW:The 3246-60 is a pencil-style digital multimeter for general electrical maintenance and testing, and includes a brilliant LED at the pen tip for a clear view of the measurement target.Features:Test lead and main unit in a single bodyOverload protection to 600 V at resistance or continuity f..
Brand: Mastech Model: MTDM-72
OVERVIEW:Pen-type auto-ranging multimeter Mastech MS8211D meets IEC1010-1 safety requirements. Auto/manual measuring range. Short circuit protection. Current overload protection. Peak value recording function.Features:Conforms to the IEC1010-1 standard Cat III 600VOver-molding rubber case protects m..
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