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Calibrator & Cable Tester

Fluke 700G31 Pressure Gauge Calibrator
Brand: Fluke Model: MTDM-68
OVERVIEW:The Fluke 700G is a rugged, easy-to-use, and reliable pressure gauge calibrator that offers 23 ranges from ±10 inH 2 O/ 20 mbar to 10,000 psi/690 bar with an accuracy of 0.05% of full scale. Reference class models offer gauge accuracies to 0.04% of reading.The 700G is compatible ..
PROVA 125 Temperature Calibrator
Brand: TES Model: MTAM-00112
FEATURES: Simple & Easy to key-in the exact temperature value you needDual LCD display to show the Reference Room Temperature at the same timeAccept 11 different type of Thermocouple (K, J, E, T, R, S, N, L, U, B, C)Auto-Ramp & T function..
Fluke 705 Loop Calibrator
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Brand: Fluke Model: MTAM-219
FEATURE:A large display and simple, pushbutton interface for ease of use.Simultaneous mA and % readout for quick, easy interpretation of readings.mA accuracy of 0.02%Push-button 25% steps for fast, easy linearity checks. Save time over traditional knob type controls."Span Check" for fast confirm..
Brand: Fluke Model: MTAM-218
FEATURES:Simultaneous mA and % readout for quick, easy interpretation of readings.mA accuracy of 0.015%, superior to other loop calibrators in this price range.1 µA resolution for mA source, simulate and measure.Push-button 25% steps for fast, easy ..
Brand: KYORITSU Model: MTCM-53
FEATURES:Measurement of RCD trip time Conducting testing of rated residual non-operating currents at × 1/2 Range, measuring RCD trip time at × 1 and × 5 Ranges. Measurement of trip out current Measuring trip out current by varying   current automatically..
Lutron CB-933 Cable Tester
Brand: Lutron Model: MTAM-287
OVERVIEW:Cable Tester Lutron CB-933 is a tool intended to identify the type of multiway cable and a variety of needs and interests of the cabling system. This tool is very useful to identify the type of cable, voltage and various other benefits.Features:To identify & trace up to 16 cores in mult..
Lutron CC-420 Current Calibrator
Brand: Lutron Model: MTAM-281
FEATURES:Precision meter for calibrating process devices and measuring process signals.Adjustable 0-24 mA source for calibrating current devices .Calibrator drives loads to 500 ohms.Power or Measure a two-wire current loopDisplay resolution to 0.01 mA or 0.1 mA or 0.1%.High accuracy 0.025%.Oyster ca..
Lutron CC-422 Current Calibrator
Brand: Lutron Model: MTAM-319
FEATURES:High Precision source 0 to 24mAMeasurement of a current signalDrives loads up to 500 ohmsProvide the quality and accuracy of handheld calibrator of precision current source. Portable instrument for calibrating process devices and measuring process signals.Adjustable 0-24 mA current sou..
Lutron SC-942 Sound Calibrator
Brand: Lutron Model: MTAM-283
OVERVIEW:Lutron SC-942 Sound Calibrator is a premium quality Sound Level Meters from Lutron. Moglix is a well-known ecommerce platform for qualitative range of Sound Level Meters. All Lutron SC-942 Sound Calibrator are manufactured by using quality assured material and advanced techniques, which mak..
Lutron TC-920 Thermo Meter Calibrator For Type K
Brand: Lutron Model: MTAM-285
FEATURES:2 in 1, one meter included " type k thermometer " &" type k thermocouple calibrator ".Precision calibrator for type k thermometer, calibratingprocess devices and measuring process signals.Wide range : -199 to 1230 ( -325 to 2246 ).Microprocessor circuit assures high accuracy and provide..
Brand: KYORITSU Model: MTCM-51
FEATURES:Dust and drip-proof. (designed to IEC 60529 IP54) In addition to the facility for precision measurement, test leads for simplified two wire measuring system also supplied as standard accessories.(unit can be hung from the neck for simplified measurement) ..
BX-150 Dry Block Temperature Calibrator
Brand: Standard Instruments Model: MTAM-007
OVERVIEW:The REED BX-150 is a dry block calibrator that offers fast heat-up and cool down times with excellent performance specifications at a wide operating temperature range and is a fast, accurate, stable solution for calibrating RTDs, thermocouples, and small bimetal thermometers in both the lab..
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