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Autodesk 923J1-WW9613-T408 Maya LT 2018

Autodesk 923J1-WW9613-T408 Maya LT 2018 price in Paksitan
Autodesk 923J1-WW9613-T408 Maya LT 2018
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  • Software for the development of three-dimensional games, with tools for modeling and creating animation. You can create your characters and realize the environment.
  • Tools Universal 3D modeling tools help you create realistic characters, design elements, and environments.
  • Built-in Tools for Creating Sculptures tools based on brushes allow artists to form high-quality models without the need to export to other tools.
  • Updated UV Editor The UV toolkit includes convenient tools and functions for quickly creating and editing UV textures.
  • Create high-quality materials with convenient tools or work with Allegorithmic Substance materials directly in the software.
  • Optimize content for mobile devices using a decrease in the number of polygons, data cleaning, hidden tagging of data, and tools for working at the level of detail.
  • Use ShaderFX to create high-quality shader materials based on physical properties within Maya LT.
  • Model realistic game lighting. Use the tools of general illumination for the introduction of light parameters in texture or vertex maps.
  • Improvements in Quad Draw, Multi-cut tools, as well as improvements in working with bumps and symmetry make modelling more effective.
  • 3D animation tools Animation and rigging of characters and objects for your games.
  • Create control structures for your characters with specialized tools.
  • Time Editor An uninterrupted nonlinear editor that works with rollers includes a convenient and familiar user interface that facilitates the creation of environmental objects.
  • Shape Editor Shaping tools provide more control, allowing you to create, update and adjust animations in a detailed form.
  • Chart Editor edit keyframes of the animation using a powerful and convenient editor.
  • Automatic generation and arrangement of “skeletons” of HumanIK models.
  • Rapid splicing of simulated geometry with the "skeletons" of characters, which takes only a few clicks.
  • Bake Deformer Tool Embed complex basics of characters and objects, including multiple layers of shells and deformers up to a single package of shells.
  • Export directly to Unity and Unreal using custom tools. Or use the game export tool to transfer 3D content to your preferred engine.
  • Access the Stingray engine using a Maya LT subscription. Available only for Windows.
  • Simplify and streamline workflow with MEL scripts.
  • Maya LT includes direct export options for Unity and Unreal.
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Product Name923J1-WW9613-T408 Autodesk Maya LT 2018
PriceRs. 32,200/-
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TypeAutodesk Maya LT 2018

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