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Air Quality & Moisture Tester

Brand: Lutron Model: MTAM-0096
OVERVIEW:Rugged, Compact, & Lightweight Magnetic Field Meter. Couldn't be easier to use, just turn it on and get accurate reliable readings. Perfect for situations needing high-resolution measurements of AC magnetic fields without spending a lot of money. Large LCD display reads 0.1 -199.9 mG ov..
Brand: Lutron Model: COUS-1016
OVERVIEW:Lutron PM-1051 is a portable digital instrument that can monitor indoor air quality by measuring PM2.5 particle density.Features:Monitor air pollution dust particulate levels.Real-time air quality monitor instrument used to monitor the concentration of PM2.5, in the indoor air.PM2.5 : 0 to ..
Brand: Lutron Model: MTAN-13
FEATURES:Monitoring air pollutant sources from dust, petrochemical industry, steel-making plant,the thermal power plant, restaurant, smoke, burning plants, driving automobiles.The meter is a real-time air quality monitor instrument used to monitor the concentrationof PM2.5, humidity, and temperature..
Model: WOD-01
OVERVIEW:Go to the “BUY NOW” button and have it at your doorstep.Explore to find the latest “Moisture Meters” products and other electronic components at discounted prices in Pakistan with cash-on-delivery service available throughout the country...
Brand: Mastech Model: MTAM-0036
OVERVIEW:The MS6900 is a versatile instrument for measuring material moisture, ambient temperature and humidity. Often used to measure moisture content and air humidity in wood or building materials. 21/2 digit LCD display, maximum reading 199 Mastech MS6900 is a material moisture, temperature, humi..
WP6310 VSON Indoor Air Quality Monitor Tester
Model: MTCM-174
FEATURES:Multifunctional Air Quality Monitor: The indoor air quality monitor can tell you the value of Formaldehyde (HCHO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Particle Matter (PM 2.5), Temperature and Humidity in your home. Let you know the air condition any time you are breathing in.Accuracy and High Quality: T..
Delmhorst G7 Digital Grain Moisture Meter
Brand: Delmhorst Model: MTDM-61
OVERVIEW:The G-7 is a rugged resistance-type meter, great for testing the moisture content of grain at harvest time and while in storage. The integral double-disc electrode cup holds only 3-4 grams, allowing for more uniform sampling and providing accurate and repeatable readings. You can even attac..
Brand: Farmex Model: MTDM-151
OVERVIEW:Farmex HT-PRO is a quick and reliable tester for quality assurance and storage control of baled hay. The tester shows both moisture content and temperature of hay. With the Farmex HT-PRO, you can ensure that the hay is dry enough for storaging and you'll notice early if the hay starts to wa..
Brand: Farmex Model: MTDM-152
OVERVIEW:Farmex MT-PRO is an easy-to-use, reliable and fast grain moisture meter for professional use, MT-PRO measures moisture content in the grain and in the seeds of oilplants and the moisture tester is calibrated for local grain and seedsorts.The meter has a clear display with backlight and larg..
Brand: Farmex Model: MTDM-153
OVERVIEW:As with all grinding moisture meters the range of moisture in Unimeter Digital is pushed to the limit to give the best results to the customer.Unimeter Digital grain moisture meter is grinding type moisture meter which crushes the grain and give very accurate result specially for Corn and R..
Delmhorst F2000 Hay Moisture Meter Tester
Brand: Delmhorst Model: MTDM-62
OVERVIEW:The F-2000 hay moisture meter is also great for hemp producers looking to enhance quality control. The F-2000 has the versatility to check hemp in its various forms.Features:Bright, clear digital display.Averages up to 100 accumulated readings.Displays average and highest of accumulated rea..
ST-125G Moisture Meter
Brand: Standard Instruments Model: MTAM-0085
OVERVIEW:The CEM DT-125G moisture meter is a pin-style moisture meter that is capable of measuring moisture both in wood and other building materials. Adjustments for various species of wood are possible using the table included in the manual.This meter is relatively intuitive to use and comfortable..
Brand: Standard Instruments Model: MTAM-0089
OVERVIEW:Mastercraft Digital Moisture Meter detects level of moisture in building productsDetects wood moisture content percentages up to 6-44%, with accuracy +/-1% moisture contentDetects material moisture content percentages up to 0.2-2%, with accuracy +/-0.05% moisture contentUses electrical resi..
TES 5321A Air Quality Monitor
Brand: TES Model: MTAM-0113
OVERVIEW:Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) measurementTemperature and Humidity measurements.Health index (0 ~ 9) detection and alarm.PM2.5 time weighted average reading.Data hold and MAX/MIN with time stamp function.Six-color LED indication Air Quality Index Category (good, medium, low)Preset warning ..
Model: MTDM-114
OVERVIEW:The Riceter F is the latest version of the best selling moisture meter in the world. Originally introduced over 50 years ago, the Riceter has been the standard for handheld moisture meters for three generations. The F model continues the tradition of providing laboratory quality moisture me..
TES 5322A PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor
Brand: TES Model: MTAM-0135
OVERVIEW:Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) measurement / VOCs time weighted average readingMix gases (VOCs-Volatile organic compounds) measurement.High sensitivity to H2, C2H5OH, C4H10, CO and CH4.Monitoring air pollutant source from dust, petrochemical industry, steel-making plant, thermal power plan..
Brand: UNI-T Model: MTAM-0693
OVERVIEW:UNI T Air Quality Meter A25F is a quality meter used to measure PM2.5 concentration. A25F air quality monitor has PM2.5 concentrations are used to display different emoticons on-screen to help users visualize their environmental conditions. This portable air quality meter has the electroche..
Brand: Lutron Model: MTAM-0196
OVERVIEW:Monitoring air pollutant source from dust, petrochemical industry, steel-making plant, thermal power plant, restaurant, smoke, burning plants, driving automobiles.The meter is a real-time air quality monitor instrument used to monitor the concentration of PM2.5, humidity and temperature in ..
Delmhorst C2000 Moisture Meter
Brand: Delmhorst Model: MTDM-81
OVERVIEW:Bright, clear digital display.Four separate scales for testing lint cotton, seed cotton, wool and viscose/rayon.Audible, adjustable alarm alerts you when your pre-selected MC has been reached.Averages up to 100 accumulated readings.Built-in ..
Delmhorst P2000 Digital Pin-Type Paper Moisture Meter
Brand: Delmhorst Model: MTDM-142
OVERVIEW:This electrical resistance Type moisture meter offers three separate scales: paper, baled scrap paper and reference. The moisture scale range for paper is 4.3 to 18 per cent, for baled paper the range is 5 to 40 per cent, and for the reference scale, it is 0 to 100. The contact pins..
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The minimum air quality & moisture tester price in pakistan is 2,200 and the estimated average of price is 40,000

Product NamePrice
Uni-T UT377A Wood Moisture MeterRs. 2,200/- 
DM1100 Digital Moisture MeterRs. 4,000/- 
Uni-T UT338C Formaldehyde Detector PM2.5 Air Quality Monitoring TesterRs. 5,300/- 
Mastech MS6900 Wood Timber Moisture Temperature DetectorRs. 8,300/- 
Benetech GM640 Grain Moisture MeterRs. 8,500/- 
Mastercraft Digital Moisture MeterRs. 9,400/- 
Uni-T PM2.5 A25D Air Quality MeterRs. 9,630/- 
Uni-T PM2.5 A25F Air Quality MeterRs. 14,350/- 
Farmex HT-PRO Hay Moisture TesterRs. 40,000/- 
Farmex MT-PRO Grain Moisture MeterRs. 44,000/- 

The maximum price of Air Quality & Moisture Tester in Pakistan is Rs. 105,000 and the estimated average price is Rs. 55,993. provides cash on delivery service all over Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, Faisalabad and many other cities.

Product NamePrice
Lutron EMF-822A EMF Tester PocketRs20,500/-
LUTRON PM-1051 Air Quality MonitorRs45,000/-
Lutron PM-1064SD Particle CounterRs88,200/-
Wood Moisture MeterRs16,000/-
Mastech MS6900 Wood Timber Moisture Temperature DetectorRs12,500/-
WP6310 VSON Indoor Air Quality Monitor TesterRs28,500/-
Delmhorst G7 Digital Grain Moisture MeterRs105,000/-
Farmex HT-PRO Hay Moisture TesterRs58,000/-
Farmex MT-PRO Grain Moisture MeterRs82,000/-
Farmex Unimeter Digital Grain Rice Moisture MeterRs75,000/-
Delmhorst F2000 Hay Moisture Meter TesterRs105,000/-
ST-125G Moisture MeterRs49,800/-
Mastercraft Digital Moisture MeterRs10,400/-
TES 5321A Air Quality MonitorRs58,500/-
Kett Riceter FG506 Grain Moisture TesterRs85,500/-