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Arduino Data Logger Shield

Arduino Data Logger Shield price in Paksitan
Arduino Data Logger Shield
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This Arduino shield has been designed for Data Logging to an SD card and also has an onboard Real-Time Clock, so you can easily time stamp your readings, you can also use the Adafruit libraries which work great with these!

This board is fully assembled with stackable header pins.

Just add your own SD card to log the data to, and write the sketch to take readings and log data. The data can be read by your computer (With an SD slot or SD card reader).

This shield does NOT come with an Arduino, though it does require one to work. The battery is not included due to shipping regulations.


  • SD card interface works with FAT16 or FAT32 formatted cards. 3.3v level shifter circuitry prevents damage to your SD card
  • A real-time clock (RTC) keeps the time going even when the Arduino is unplugged. The battery backup lasts for years
  • Generous prototyping area to add sensors or other circuitry
  • 3.3V regulator to supply your SD card with all the power it needs
  • Works with Arduino UNO, Duemilanove, Diecimila, Leonardo or ADK/Mega R3 or higher. ADK/Mega R2 or lower are not supported.

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Product Name Arduino Data Logger Shield
Price Rs. 850/-
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Type Data Logger Shield

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