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Arduino Mega Prototyping Shield

Arduino Mega Prototyping Shield price in Paksitan
Arduino Mega Prototyping Shield
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  • Model: ARDO-34
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Rs. 550/-


  • Compatible with Arduino Mega pinout
  • Reset the button up top
  • ICSP header
  • Lots of GND and +5V rails
  • DIP prototyping area makes it easy to add more chips
  • SOIC prototyping area above USB jack for up to 14-pin SOIC chip, narrow medium or wide package.
  • Use 'mini' or 'medium' breadboard
  • Two 3mm LEDs with matching resistors
  • Extra 6mm button


Arduino Mega Prototyping Shield

Product Details
Product NameArduino Mega Prototyping Shield
PriceRs. 550/-
Input Voltage (limits)2.7-5.5V
Digital I/O Pins14
Analog Input Pins6
DC Current per I/O pin40ma
PWM Pins6
Flash Memory16KB
Clock Speed8MHz

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