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Audionic V-7I 2.1 Speaker

Audionic V-7I 2.1 Speaker
Audionic V-7I 2.1 Speaker
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  • Brand: Audionic
  • Model: COAS-905


Audionic Pakistan produces V-7i speakers that are based on excellent quality and features. 2.1 channel model includes two satellite speakers to handle higher frequency, whereas the one sub-woofer is for lower frequency. It is equipped with advance bass duck technology for lower frequency and high bass output. Moreover, its wooden made sub-woofer enhances quality of Bass output.



It has virtual frequency display for high resolution and image clarity. 

Output Power:

2000 Watts (P.M.P.O.)

USB Port:

Play MP3 files directly from USB drive.

SD/MMC Card:

Just Plug in the SD/MMC Card in Card Slot and enjoy your favorite audio.

Hi-Fi Sub-Woofer:

The sub-woofer is brilliant to provide high class bass output.

Bass Duct Technology:

Bass Duct technology is engineered to enhance the lower frequency and provide high bass output.

Drive Unit:

Sub-woofer 4 Inches Satellite 2.5x2

Wooden Made:

Wooden made sub-woofer body to enhance quality of Bass.

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