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Audionic MS-220 2.0 Monster Speaker

Audionic MS-220 2.0 Monster Speaker
Audionic MS-220 2.0 Monster Speaker
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Pair it with any Bluetooth-enabled device and enjoy audio.

USB Supported:

Plug in a USB flash drive and play your favorite audio. 

Remote Control:

It offers full-function wireless remote control for adjusting/changing output media and levels. 

Built-in FM Radio:

Built-in FM radio allows user to listen to F.M Radio anytime.


Just plug in SD/MMC card and play your files directly.

Touch Buttons:

Now feel the elegance with the help of a touchpad to adjust sound and modes.

NFC Connectivity:

Just put your phone on top of the speaker and connect with NFC.

Optical Input:

Optical Input is provided for modern LEDs to provide exceptional sound quality.

HDMI Sound:

First time in Pakistani Markets, Audionic has provided technology to experience sound in real-time. 

Product Details
Product NameAudionic MS-220 2.0 Monster Speaker
PriceRs. 27,480/-
General Specification
TypeMonster Speaker

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