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Audionic MS-300 2.0 Monster Speaker

Audionic MS-300 2.0 Monster Speaker
Audionic MS-300 2.0 Monster Speaker
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Monster MS-300 2.0 speaker is the finest speaker in the market within this price range. It provides all of the new features such as MP5, Digital Display, and Touch Panel. Its premium technology is especially made for people, who prefer systems with top notch sound quality and high bass. Monster MS 300 is best for the Indoor sound and with all the new LEDs which have these inputs.

Impeccable Sound Quality and Powerful Sound:


Pair it with any Bluetooth-enabled device and enjoy audio.

USB Supported:

Plug-in USB flash drive and play your favorite audio. 

Remote Control:

It offers full-function wireless remote control for adjusting/changing output media and levels. 

Built-In Fm Radio:

Built-in FM radio allows user to listen to F.M Radio anytime.


Just plug in SD/MMC card and play your files directly.

Touch Buttons:

Now feel the elegance with the help of touchpad to adjust sound and modes.

MP5 Supported:

First time in Pakistani Markets, Audionic has provided technology to experience amazing sound.

Product Details
Product NameAudionic MS-300 2.0 Monster Speaker
PriceRs. 31,800/-
General Specification
TypeMonster Speaker

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