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Audionic TW-40 Taraweeh Speaker

Audionic TW-40 Taraweeh Speaker
Audionic TW-40 Taraweeh Speaker
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Taraweeh TW-40 is a portable speaker that comes with a free rechargeable Wireless headgear mic which allows users to free up their hands and deliver HD VOICE quality. TW-40 is a Rechargeable Portable speaker with Bluetooth. Furthermore, the speaker comes with a free stand in order to enhance the sound reach of the speaker. The rechargeable battery offers a long backup so you can use it for long hours. 

Rechargeable Battery:

It carries a rechargeable battery that lasts for 4-6 hours with ease.

Wireless MIC:

You can experience one wireless mic.

Wireless Headgear Mic:

You can experience one wireless headgear mic in MH-40 Advance as well.

USB Supported:

USB port helps user to directly play anything from their USB.

SD Card Supported:

It is also supported with SD card slot to play any file directly.

Remote Control:

It is featured with wire-less remote which controls the output function of the system.

F.M Radio Supported:

It has built-in F.M support to make your F.M radio experience wonderful.

Audio Out:

Connect multiple speakers with Taraweeh T-40 via Audio out option.

Delay and Repeat:

Audionic is proud to launch Delay and Repeat effect for the first time in its new Taraweeh Series.

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Product NameAudionic TW-40 Taraweeh Speaker
PriceRs. 13,920/-
General Specification
TypeTaraweeh Speaker

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