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BENETECH Products Price in Pakistan

BENETECH Products Price in Pakistan

Buy BENETECH products online at best price in Pakistan. Get genuine Feb 2023 BENETECH products like GM320 Infrared Thermometer, GM63A Vibration Meter, GM63B Vibration Meter, GM8802 Digital CO2 Meter, GM8902 Anemometer, GM1357 Digital Sound Meter, GM816 Digital Wind Speed Anemometer at lowest price in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar & across Pakistan.

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Product NamePrice
Benetech GM200 Coating Thickness TesterRs. 5,200/- 
Benetech GM8905 LCD Digital Laser TachometerRs. 3,360/- 
Benetech GM8800A Gas DetectorRs. 7,500/- 
Benetech GM640 Grain Moisture MeterRs. 8,500/- 
Benetech GM816 Digital Wind Speed AnemometerRs. 3,000/- 
Benetech GM320 Infrared ThermometerRs. 3,500/- 
Benetech GM1357 Digital Sound MeterRs. 5,500/- 
Benetech GM1351 Digital Sound MeterRs. 5,500/- 
Benetech GM1365 Temperature And Humidity Data-LoggerRs. 8,500/- 
Benetech GM-86 Mini Electric Watt MeterRs. 2,300/- 

Brand: BENETECH Model: MTAM-0133
OVERVIEW:GM8905 Non-Contact Handheld LCD Digital Laser Tachometer RPM Tach Tester Meter Motor Speed GaugeTachometer is used to detect rotate speed, linear velocity or frequency of motor.Widely used in motor, fan, washing machine, textile, automobile, aeroplane, ship and other industr..
Brand: BENETECH Model: CPCB-10216
OVERVIEW:This unit consists of an optics system, photoelectric sensor, signal amplifier, signal process circuit, and LCD. The optics system collects the infrared energy emitted by an object and focuses on the sensor. Then the sensor translates the energy into an electrical signal which will be turne..
Brand: BENETECH Model: MTAM-0353
OVERVIEW:GM200 mini Coating thickness gauges a portable coating Thickness gauge, can fast, non-destructive and accurate on the metal substrate of a nonmetal (such as paint and film, etc.) coating thickness measurement. The mini coating thickness gauge is widely used in manufacturing, the metal proce..
Brand: BENETECH Model: MTAM-0356
OVERVIEW:Film thickness gauge Paint and Coating, Benetech model GM211 is a thickness gauge Can check quickly and precisely, used for measuring film thickness Thick coating on the surface of non-destructive metal materials The results are clearly displayed on the digital display. Can measure ..
Brand: BENETECH Model: MTAM-0145
FEATURES:Measuring Range: Acceleration:0.1~199.9m/s, Velocity:0.1~1999.9m/s, Displacement:0.001~1.999 mm (P﹣P)Accuracy: ±5%H±2digitsMeasuring frequency: Acceleration: 10Hz~1KHz (LO);1KHz~15KHz (HI), Velocity: 10Hz~1KHz (LO), Displacemen..
BENETECH GM1850 Infrared Thermometer
Brand: BENETECH Model: MTDM-159
OVERVIEW:This unit consists of optics system, photoelectric sensor, signal amplifier, signal process circuit and LCD.  The optics system collects the infrared energy emitted by object and focus onto the sensor. Then the  sensor translates the energy into electricity signal which will be tu..
Brand: BENETECH Model: MTAM-0203
OVERVIEW:This GM8800A combustible gas detector has high sensitivity to detect explosive gas leakage. It is featured with a quick response, audible and visual indication, fast warm-up, adjustable sensitivity, low battery indication and a Long-life lithium rechargeable battery. It can continuously ope..
Brand: BENETECH Model: SDLS-893
OVERVIEW:This product is a color-screen portable coating thickness gauge with highdefinition display, which can quickly, non-destructively and accurately me-asure non-magnetic coating thickness on magnetic metal substrates and non-metallic coating thickness measurement on non-magnetic metal sub-stra..
Brand: BENETECH Model: MTDM-78
FEATURE:8-grain species: Paddy, wheat, barley, forage, corn, rapeseed, soybean, riceBoth temperature and moisture measurement30 cm probeGrain moisture testFood temperature testBacklight controlCelsius / Fahrenheit SwitchLow Battery indicationAuto power-off fu..
Brand: BENETECH Model: SDLS-91
OVERVIEW:Benetech GM-1010 is a renowned manufacturer of convenient testing and measurement tools such as infrared thermometers, anemometers, sound level meters and ultrasonic thickness gauges. A strict quality control system coupled with a rigorous product inspection ensures there is a Benetech tool..
Brand: BENETECH Model: SDLS-92
OVERVIEW:Application:widely used in electro-optical sources, research teaching, metallurgy building, industry inspection as well as agriculture researching and illumination control.Features:Powerful measurement functions: It can measure not only current values, maximums, and minimums of illuminance ..
Brand: BENETECH Model: SDLS-93
OVERVIEW:This device is able to measure the temperature of the liquid/vapors and surface temperature of a solid object, with a considerably wider measuring range than those of mercury thermometer and alcoholometer. It is suitable to be used both in the high-temperature fields of blast furnace and co..
Brand: BENETECH Model: SDLS-94
OVERVIEW:The appearance design of the digital sound level meter is novel, small and portable. The digital sound level meter is applicable for measurement of noise engineering, quality control, health prevention and various environmental noise, including noise measurement in such various places asfac..
Brand: BENETECH Model: SDLS-97
OVERVIEW:This unit consists of Optics, Temperature Sensor Signal amplifier, Processing circuit and LCD Display. The Optics collected the infrared energy emitted by an object and focus on the Sensor. Then the sensor translates the energy into an electrical signal. This signal will be turned out to be..
Benetech GM-280F Coating Thickness Gauge
Brand: BENETECH Model: SDLS-89
OVERVIEW:Applying the magnetic thickness measuring method, this unit can quickly and precisely measure the thickness of non-magnetic coating such as painting or electrodeposition on the iron magnetic substrate, and finds its wide application in the fields of manufacturing、metal processing, chemical ..
Brand: BENETECH Model: SDLS-90
OVERVIEW:There are following 11 selectable pressure units: bar、mbar、kPa、kgf/cm²、mmHg、cmH 2 O、Ozf/in²、psi、inHg、inH 2 O、ftH 2 O. This unit features data save and adjustment, automatic turn-off, connecting with PC to read and export the data with a USB wire.Features:Large LCD backlit displayWith differ..
Brand: BENETECH Model: SDLS-87
OVERVIEW:This ultrasonic thickness gauge is an intelligent handheld product, which adopts ultrasonic measuring principle, and is controlled by microprocessor, provides quick and precise measurement of thickness for most of the industrial material. This unit is widely used in various precise measurem..
Brand: BENETECH Model: SDLS-88
OVERVIEW:This device can make a quick and effective measurement of the thickness of the non-metallic coating on the non-magnetic metal substrate and the thickness of the non-magnetic coating of the magnetic metal substrate, it can also automatically identify the magnetic metal substrate and non-magn..
Brand: BENETECH Model: SDLS-95
OVERVIEW:Digital multifunctional anemometer is a professional instrument for measurement of wind speed, temperature, and humidity. It is designed for wind speed measurement in various environments, such as wind speed measurement engineering, quality control, and health control. It is applied in wind..
Brand: BENETECH Model: SDLS-96
FEATURES:Measure current wind speed, temperature and humidity.Measurement of current air volume, temperature and humidity.Measure wind speed/ MAX wind flow/min wind flow.2/3 wind flow value/ average value.Wind speed/flow units and temperature units selection.Backlight and data holding(HOLD). Lo..
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