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Bladon Micro Turbine Generator

Bladon Micro Turbine Generator  Price in Pakistan
Bladon Micro Turbine Generator


Use the Bladon Micro Turbine Genset (MTG) to replace conventional diesel gensets or hybrid gensets for off-grid and bad-grid telecom applications. Reduce operating costs, service costs, fuel theft, and environmental pollution simultaneously. The Bladon Micro Turbine Genset (MTG) generates 12kW of clean power thanks to a small, lightweight, high-speed microturbine. This maintenance-free, sealed power plant rests on patented air bearings using atmospheric air pressure to suspend the shaft in an envelope of air. The microturbine shares the same rotating shaft as the alternator and runs at high and variable speeds of up to 140,000 rpm


  • Bladon’s Micro Turbine Genset delivers 12kW of continuous, reliable, clean power
  • Reduces operating and service costs


  • The MTG can run on diesel or kerosene, or any blend of the two
  • Approved paraffin or a blend of fuels to reduce operating costs and fuel theft

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Product NameBladon Micro Turbine Generator
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TypeMicro Turbine Generator

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