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RS2RS Converter and Amplifier

RS2RS Converter and Amplifier  Price in Pakistan
RS2RS Converter and Amplifier
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  • Brand: CIRCUTOR
  • Model: PAFP-07


The RS2RS converter lets you connect units with RS-232 communications to an RS-485 network. It also works as a repeater or amplifier of RS-485 networks. The converter is designed to be used in industrial environments, thanks to its galvanic insulation. It automatically adapts to all half-duplex communications protocols without the need to modify the software. It works as a communications transducer between RS-232/RS-485 data buses or as an optocoupler RS-485/RS-485 amplifier. The RS2RS automatically switches between transmission (Tx) and reception (Rx) when it detects activity in the Tx transmission line, avoiding the need for software control.

Using the RS2RS as an amplifier extends the length of an installation’s RS-485 bus, which generally does not exceed 1,200 metres. It can be used in installations where there are communication issues due to interference or cabling distances. The key features of the RS2RS converter are:

  • RS-232 / RS-485 bus transducer.
  • RS-485 / RS-485 amplifier.
  • Auto-detection of word speed and length, from 300 to 115,000 bauds.
  • Galvanic insulation, up to 3 kV.
  • 120 … 230 Vac power supply
  • Power, TX and RX LED
  • Assembly. DIN 46277 (EN-50022), 3 DIN 43880 modules



RS2RS Converter and Amplifier

Product Details
Product NameRS2RS Converter and Amplifier
PriceRs. 22,500/-
Computers Specs
Rated Voltage120 ... 230 V~ ±10%
General Specification
Frequency50 / 60 Hz
IP ProtectionIP 20
Power Consumption0.7 ... 2.3 VA
Weight0.195 Kg
Dimension70 x 106 x 58 mm

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