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834J1-WW8695-T548 Autodesk AutoCAD Revit LT Suite 2018 Commercial New Single-user ELD Annual Subscription

834J1-WW8695-T548 Autodesk AutoCAD Revit LT Suite 2018 Commercial New Single-user ELD Annual Subscription  Price in Pakistan
834J1-WW8695-T548 Autodesk AutoCAD Revit LT Suite 2018 Commercial New Single-user ELD Annual Subscription
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Autodesk AutoCAD Revit LT Suite 2018 Commercial New Single-user ELD Annual Subscription



Autodesk AutoCAD Revit LT Suite 2018 package for small construction companies that need building information modeling (BIM) technologies. Autodesk AutoCAD Revit LT Suite 2018combines Autodesk Revit LT software and familiar AutoCAD LT tools into one solution. Continue working in AutoCAD LT using Revit LT's simplified user interface when working with BIM. Model in Revit LT to create high-quality and more accurate projects and documentation that meet customer requirements for BIM products. Autodesk Desktop Subscription offers flexible purchase options that meet your business needs and are budget-friendly. This provides access to the latest software versions, useful cloud services and technical support.
The main functions of Autodesk AutoCAD Revit LT Suite 2018
Parametric components
Project design can be expressed in as much detail as possible using parametric components. The parametric components, which are the basis for all building components developed in Revit, provide an open graphic system for designing and creating forms.
Bidirectional associativity
Minimize the number of errors and omissions due to the possibility of storing all model data in a single, coordinated database. Changes and corrections of data are reflected in all related elements of the model. Parametric Change Control Mechanism Revit automatically coordinates changes made to the model views on drawing sheets, plans, and specifications and sections.
Allow project team members to choose the most appropriate data sharing method based on project and workflow requirements. Collaboration allows all project team members to take advantage of the parametric building modeling environment. In Revit, specialists from different areas can simultaneously work with a building model, saving the results in a single storage file.
Revit Server
With Revit Server, project teams can collaborate on Revit global network models. The combined Revit models are stored on a central server, which can be accessed from local servers by all project team members. Features built-in redundancy help protect the results of your work in the absence of a connection over the global network.
Interacting with Revit
The program provides even more efficient interaction with members of a distributed project team. You can import, export, and set references to data in Revit in the universal formats DWG ™, DXF ™, DGN, and IFC. In addition, you can now export the model of a building or site with metadata to a program for designing infrastructure objects of AutoCAD Civil 3D and import models from Autodesk Inventor, a program for 3D-designing mechanisms.
Interaction with external databases The
ability to display information about the Revit model in any ODBC-compatible database improves compatibility with third-party applications. This method allows you to transfer data to applications designed to calculate the cost, planning, ordering and operation management.
Checking intersections
Increase the level of coordination of key building elements and systems, prevent conflicts and possible costly changes and refinements using the Intersection Checker tool. Using this tool, you can check the Revit model for the presence of spatial collisions between elements and find the intersections of both the sets of selected elements and any elements of the model.
Integration with a Vault project collaboration program
Save time and improve data accuracy. Revit's Vault Collaboration is used to optimize data management related to architectural or intersectoral design - from the planning stage to the design and construction.
Add-ins for Autodesk Exchange
Revit functionality can be enhanced with add-ins and a new extensive component library in Autodesk Exchange. This item can be purchased online and installed without closing the Revit program, which will allow you to more effectively develop complex building information models.

View model data in tabular form. A BOM is a table that contains data extracted from the properties of project elements. The specification can be created at any stage of the design process. If the project makes changes that affect the specification, it is automatically updated in accordance with them.
Tools for conceptual design
Easily create sketches, models of arbitrary shape and freely manipulate them. The program allows you to define shapes and geometry as real components of the building, which facilitates the transition to the development of the project and release of documentation. During operation, Revit automatically creates a parametric framework for the forms, providing a high level of accuracy and flexibility.
3D project
visualization Use 3D visualization in Revit for a deeper understanding of the project's features even before its implementation. Study complex organic forms, the nature of the interaction of light sources in the project, approve the project for planning and public information and promote the building on the market before construction begins.
Cloud visualization
Create photorealistic visualization without reference to the office computer and the use of special equipment in the A360. This feature allows architects, engineers, and construction organizations to save project time and budget when performing visualizations designed to transfer design intent and identify collisions.
Searching the building information model data catalog
Complete Revit models with free building equipment (brand or model) and related design data. With the help of an online search for equipment for buildings on the Internet, architects, engineers, and other specialists can quickly find, view, and download branded or typical building information modeling (BIM) files, as well as models, drawings, and equipment specifications for active Revit sessions.
Architectural design Construction site planning tools
Build construction sites directly into Revit and transfer planning solutions to engineers. The Autodesk Site Designer Extension for Revit is launched in Revit using the original families, components, and topo surfaces, with the result that territory planning projects become part of a general model.
Lighting Analysis for Revit
In the Revit design environment, you can perform accurate and fast automatic modeling of LEED natural lighting, as well as calculating electrical and solar lighting. With the help of the Cloud Analysis Analysis for Revit service (English), which uses the A360 visualization function, you can quickly place the results of the calculation of electrical and solar illumination in the Revit model.
Point cloud tools
Accelerate the development of renovation and modernization projects, creating realistic models in which laser scanning data is integrated into the building information modeling process. Point cloud tools allow you to use laser scan data directly in Revit.
Structural Engineering Design Rebar Detailing Design
3D concrete reinforcement in an enhanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) environment. Create detailed and accurate reinforcement designs. Release the design documentation for reinforcement, including reinforcement bar specifications.
Two-way communication with various calculation programs
Now you can quickly include in Revit accurate results of the calculation of load-bearing structures. When receiving analysis results, the model, which supports two-way communication with Robot Structural Analysis Professional, is automatically updated. A parametric change control technology ensures consistency across all types of model and construction drawings.
Analytical Model of Structures
Analysis can be performed in an analytical model that is generated automatically when a physical model is created in Revit. In Revit, you can create physical models for use in the release of documentation, as well as related analytical models for calculating and designing load-bearing structures.
Contacting Steel Detailing
Use the detailed Revit model to generate documentation for manufacturers. Thanks to the interaction of Revit and Advance Steel, the BIM workflow is streamlined and streamlined - from design to manufacturing steel structures.
Designing UWC Engineering Systems - Designing and Issuing Documentation

Use Revit to design and simulate ductwork and piping systems using engineering design elements. Perform a preliminary calculation of the heating and refrigeration loads and use the tools to determine the size of ducts and pipes. Design complex duct systems, matching them with other services and building structures.
Electrical system design and related documentation
Design and model electrical systems in Revit along with related components, such as power, communications, fire safety, data communication devices, and call and alarm devices. Install cable trays and ducts and monitor electrical loads throughout the entire electrical distribution system.
Plumbing systems design and related documentation
Create plumbing systems with inclined pipes. Manually or automatically assemble piping systems and connect instruments and equipment to them.
Collaboration with architects and designers of building structures
More effective collaboration with architects using related models. Use Revit collaboration tools to avoid collisions with bearing beams and frame. Ensure consistency and more efficient interaction with tools designed for engineers and designers of the engineering industry, electrical and plumbing systems.
Energy Analysis for Revit
Compare estimated energy costs and life cycle costs. Determine the level of energy consumption and life-cycle cost of a building using Energy Analysis for Revit, a cloud-based energy modeling service based on the Green Building Studio platform. Compare estimated energy costs and life cycle costs.
Industrial Construction Structural Modeling
Expand design intent embedded in the model. The program has the ability to split objects, for example, layers of walls and stages of concreting, and subsequent manipulation of them, which allows you to more accurately reflect the methods of construction. Thanks to the tools that provide flexible formation of documentation for the elements of the model, you can create drawings for the manufacture of building products.
Material Sheets
Enhance the accuracy of the material sheets with the Revit parametric change control mechanism. Determine the need for materials and their cost.
Displaced views
Reflect building structures with high accuracy and create a sequence of construction works using spaced building types. Users can customize the views according to their preferences.
Innovations, improvements Autodesk Revit LT 2018
Groups in the specification model and RVT links
To improve the document models, you can select model groups or RVT links as categories when creating a specification.
Adding parameters to model groups, RVT links and specifications
To organize additional data in models, you can create parameters for one of the new categories through the project parameters dialog. If necessary, custom parameters can also be associated with global parameters.
Subcategories for specified planes
Use a special tool to add a subcategory to a given plane.
Symbols in text notes
Improve annotations by adding characters and special characters to text notes right during the workflow. Choose from the list of the most frequently used characters in the context menu or enter a shortcut key that includes the decimal Unicode value. To use rare characters, open the Windows Character Map in Revit LT, copy and paste the characters into a text note.
Enriched Marked Text
For greater consistency in drawings in documentation, marking now uses rich text format (RTF) to better match text notes.
Tab The file tab replaces the application menu.
Verification of family dependencies
To ensure the reliability of families in models, Revit LT now checks the status of dependencies when opening families in the appropriate editor. If Revit LT identifies a potential problem, a dialog box appears offering detailed information.
Stamping all items without marks
This function has been updated to be more consistent with the user interface.
Hints for parameters
For reference and typical properties of some elements, reference information has been added.
Quick Access
Toolbar A print command is added to the Quick Access Toolbar.
Multi-storey ladders
You can create multi-storey ladders based on components by selecting the levels of the building. Multi-storey stairs automatically adjust if the height of the level changes. You will be able to overlay the markings on the individual elements of the stairs.
The railing editing process has been updated to provide access to the typical properties of handrails and seamless railing right in the appropriate window. You can also view changes in the preview pane of typical properties.
Sketchy railings can be stored on topographic surfaces. This functionality allows you to simulate such elements as fences or road barriers.

Railing, placed on the stairs, now use an improved docking algorithm. You can control the starting and ending points of the railing to match the original design. Note: If a model that has a staircase with a railing is updated from a previous version, then the railing must be disconnected and reattached to the staircase in order to gain new control capabilities and algorithms.
Railings attached to high-rise stairs are grouped with stairs and can be edited as a group.

Improved support for importing from CAD formats

Revit LT has updated support for importing from CAD formats. In particular, the import process has become more sensitive to minor details, while in previous releases this process caused error messages. Many of these CAD files can now be imported into the model without any problems.
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