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Dany UR 10 Remote All In One TV Devices

Dany UR 10 Remote All In One TV Devices  Price in Pakistan
Dany UR 10 Remote All In One TV Devices
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  • Brand: Dany
  • Model: COAS-252


A universal remote control is any remote that works to control more than one device. Usually sold in a variety of categories, universal remotes can power anywhere from two to an unlimited number of devices after either being programmed to the device or already supporting the device. Universal remotes can benefit everyone in a variety of ways, but especially the elderly.

Key Features Universal Remote:

A standard universal remote comes with a list of pre-programmed in devices that it can control, but most remote controls can be updated to include a new device, or an old one, if it is not already in the home. They offer convenience, practicality, and ease of use to everyone, and sometimes specific functions such as a large keyboard or the ability to take house calls via Bluetooth or Internet as well.

Elegant Design:

compatible with D-300,HDTV-550,HDTV-600,HDTV-800.1000 Light Weight.

Product Details
Product NameDany UR 10 Remote All In One TV Devices
PriceRs. 350/-

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