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SIMTEK Deluxe 1250VA Ups/Inverter

SIMTEK Deluxe 1250VA Ups/Inverter price in Paksitan
SIMTEK Deluxe 1250VA Ups/Inverter
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  • Model: SIMK-07
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Rs. 33,600/-


  • Sophisticated Power Management
  • Auto Shutdown on Low Battery
  • Visual & Audible Indications
  • Faulty Mains Protection
  • Noiseless Operation
  • Cold Start Capability
  • Overload Protection
  • Controlled Charging
  • Capacity: 4 Fan 4 Light

Product Details
Product Name SIMTEK Deluxe 1250VA Ups/Inverter
Price Rs. 26,000/-
Voltage 220 VAC, (REGULATED)
Overload protection Electronic Over Load & Fuse
Recharge Time 2-3 Hrs At 150 - 240 VAC
Voltage AC
Nominal Input 220V AC, SINGLE PHASE
AVR Battery charging Up to 150V Mains Input
Input Filtering EMI / RFI Filters And Mov Surge Suppressor
Maximum Battery 200AH
Transfer Time 4-6 ms
General Specification
Audible Alarm AT Low Battery
Audible Noise < 45 dB (1-Meter From Suface)
Backup Option i)2-PC (With 15" Monitor) ii)1PC + 1FAN + 1 SAVER iii) 4 FAN + 4 SAVER
Backup Time 2 - 2 1/2 Hrs
Battery Disharging Time Battery Low Indication + Beep And Automatic Shutdown.
Battery Protection Deep Discharge And OverCharging
Battery Rating 12V/150-200 Ah x 1
Battery Type Sulfuric Acid (WET) OR Sealed Lead Acid (DRY) Battery
Frequency 50 Hz
Front Panel Indications Mains, Batter Charging , Full Battery, Invertor (Flashing) Over Load, Low Battery
power 1250VA
Waveform Step Sine

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