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Dongjin DJ12-200 Dry Maintenance Free Battery

Dongjin DJ12-200 Dry Maintenance Free Battery price in Paksitan
Dongjin DJ12-200 Dry Maintenance Free Battery
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  • Model: SDCB-233
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Rs. 95,000/-


High Capacity: Outside Formation with the real capacity of more than 100%, specific energy reaches 35-38 wh/kg. Long Cycle Life: 10% longer than similar products with special grid and plate technology to extend cycle life.Safety and Maintenance Free: Unique design of safety valve, arrangement of any direction does not cause leakage.

Product Application:

  • Electric Bikes, Electric Scooters, electric cars
  • Electric Motorcycles, Electric Tricycles, golf cars
  • Battery-powered wheelchairs, traction, mowers
  • Electric Tools, electric sweeper, electric cooler/heater, etc
  • Other electric devices require a DC power supply
  • Green energy like solar power, UPS, and storage power

Product Details
Product NameDongjin DJ12-200 Dry Maintenance-Free Battery
PriceRs. 57,000/-
Charging Current1.7A
Discharge CurrentMax: 60A(5S)
Nominal voltage12V
General Specification
Container MaterialABS
Internal Resistance(mΩ) : ≤20
Nominal Capacity200AH
Weight59-60 (kgs)
DimensionsL(mm): 522 | W(mm): 240 | H(mm): 224 | TH(mm): 224

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