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Duinopeak NEO-6M GPS Shield with External GPS Antenna

Duinopeak NEO-6M GPS Shield with External GPS Antenna price in Paksitan
Duinopeak NEO-6M GPS Shield with External GPS Antenna
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Rs. 5,500/-


The GPS Shield is based on ublox’s NEO-6M GPS receiver module. The Shield is pin compatible for Arduino UNO, Mega, Leonardo and Arduino Due boards. The GPS pins RX,TX can be configured to make connections with D0-D7 pins on Arduino using on board configureable jumper for RX and TX routing. The shield supports software serial and also has MicrSD card interface for data logging applications.
The shield supports 3.3V and 5V IO levels, therefore Arduino boards that run on 5v IO such as Arduino UNO, Mega 2560 or Leonardo and other arduino boards that runs on 3.3V IO such as Arduino Due can work with this shield.


  • Personal positioning
  • Automotive navigation
  • Fleet management
  • Marine navigation


  • Ublox Neo-6M module
  • 5 Hz update rate
  • External GPS antenna
  • With MicroSD Interface for data storage
  • On board 3V super capacitor as backup battery
  • On board 3.3v regulator
  • 3.3V and 5V logic level compatible
  • Power and fix indicator LEDs
  • Reset Button

Product Details
Product NameDuinopeak NEO-6M GPS Shield with External GPS Antenna
PriceRs. 5500/-
Size53.0mm x 60mm
General Specification
Baud rate9600
Cable Length~280cm
Update rate1Hz (Default), 5Hz (Max)
Weight23g (shield only), 55g (gps antenna + cable)

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