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Elenco 300 in 1 Electronic Project Lab

Elenco 300 in 1 Electronic Project Lab price in Paksitan
Elenco 300 in 1 Electronic Project Lab
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This mega all-in-one electronic advanced learning centre includes no less than 300 experiments!
Junior electrical engineers will love learning about transistors, transformers, diodes, capacitors, oscillators, and how to read schematics and wiring diagrams while building 100s of their own working electrical circuits.
This kit uses two safe, quick and easy hook-up methods with no soldering required. Spring Method: simply slip pre-cut wires and components into special springs for a safe, secure connection. Breadboard Method: just plug the components and wires into the special breadboard socket holes. This more advanced system is used by electrical professionals and engineers.
The easy-to-read, fully-illustrated manual details how to build a multitude of exciting circuits, including: a radio, AM broadcast station, burglar alarm, electronic game, ohmmeter, telegraph, rain detector, and creates some pretty amazing sound effects.
This quality Elenco electronics centre features a built-in speaker, earphone, meter, seven-segment LED digital display, out-front controls and more!
All electric circuits use safe battery power and no dangerous AC, so it's safe for all ages. No prior knowledge is needed to assemble and build these electrifying projects, but it is best suited for upper primary and high schools.


  • 300 Electronics Projects and Experiments
  • Safe: No Soldering
  • No AC
  • Uses spring and bredboard hook-up method
  • 164 page detailed step-by-step illustrated manual
  • All terms defined and illustrated
  • Batteries not included (six AA needed)


capacitors, CDs, diodes, earphone, integrated circuits, LEDS, LED digit display, phototransistors, resistors, speaker, transistors, transformers!
Product Details
Product NameElenco 300 in 1 Electronic Project Lab
PriceRs. 12,000/-
General Specification
Weight4.4 pounds
Dimension34 x 12 x 48cm

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