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Elitech Products Price in Pakistan

Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-08
OVERVIEW:Elitech GSP6 data logger is mainly used to record the temperature and humidity of food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, etc. It is widely applicable to each link in the storage and logistics of the cold chains, such as refrigerated containers, refrigerator truck, cooler bag, cooler cabinet, ..
Rs. 12,500/-
Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-10
OVERVIEW:Elitech RCW-800 Wi-Fi temperature logger is a two-channel temperature and relative humidity data logger based on the Internet of Things technology. All data recorded is transmitted via Wi-Fi network infrastructure. There is no communication fee, thereby, reducing operational costs and fees...
Rs. 38,500/-
Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-11
OVERVIEW:Support for temperature control according to temperature set value + return differenceSupport for refrigerating mode and heating mode convertible, more practical to useThe temperature setting range can be limited, it is easy and convenient to operateThis Temperature Controller is made of hi..
Rs. 3,000/-
Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-02
OVERVIEW:Elitech Meat Digital Thermometer (5.9 Inch Long Probe) with Instant Read LCD Screen Hold Function for Kitchen, Cooking, Food, Grill, BBQ, Meat, Candy, Milk, Water and etc.The electronic digital thermometer features high precision, low power consumption, large LCD screen, fast measurement, s..
Rs. 2,200/-
Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-03
OVERVIEW:Digital food thermometer suitable for any home or professional kitchen.Portable Pen Digital Thermometer UWT-1B, gives complete peace of mind when cooking so you can ensure that meat and poultry are safely cooked through. Long stainless steel probe is fully waterproof and easy to clean. Fits..
Rs. 1,500/-
Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-18
OVERVIEW:Elitech LD-100+ is a portable refrigerant leak detector using the heated diode gas sensor and precise control circuits, which enable the device to detect all halogen refrigerants. High sensitivity, fast response, stable performance and multiple functions make your job easier and more conven..
Rs. 17,000/-
Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-04
OVERVIEW:Elitech BT-3 Indoor/outdoor temperature, indoor humidity display. ℃/°F temperature switch display, comfort display. Indoor and outdoor maximum and minimum temperature memory function. Memorized MAX/MIN indoor temperature and humidity value automatically. With back stand and magnetic stick a..
Rs. 3,700/-
Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-09
OVERVIEW:Elitech HLD-100 portable halogen leak detector, as the exquisite unit of our company with its feature of higher performance and competitive price, has powerful function and high sensitivity and is stable and easy to operate.An HVACR Tools that Technician can Trust:Traditional coronal sensor..
Rs. 11,500/-
Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-01
OVERVIEW:Elitech RC-4HC temperature and humidity data logger features a multi-function LCD alarm indicator, replaceable battery with a buzzer alarm. A reason why it satisfies the dynamic and growing demand for cost effective temperature data logger in cold chain supply.With Elitech temperature data ..
Rs. 9,560/-
Elitech RC-5 USB Temperature Data Logger
Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-07
OVERVIEW:Elitech RC-5 + USB temperature recorder, automatically generates PD reports. It can access more quickly any data collected during the cold chain management process. This may be medicines, foods, life sciences, incubators, medical cabinets, fresh food cabinets, freezer cabinets or laboratori..
Rs. 5,000/-
Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-14
OVERVIEW:Elitech STC-8000HX temperature controller thermostat is identical in function and application to the STC-8000H, both having only one input: the temperature probe sensor and one output: the cooling output. With temperature measurement, temperature display, temperature control, temperature co..
Rs. 3,000/-
Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-16
OVERVIEW:Elitech RC-17 handles the temperature monitoring for your food supply chain from processing, transportation to distribution. Store up to 16,000 temperature readings with LED status notice and super small&light design. This disposable temperature recorder is packed in a waterproof bag, m..
Rs. 2,200/-
Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-17
OVERVIEW:Elitech RC-5+ USB digital temperature monitors are highly reliable electronic data loggers that enable you to make immediate accept or reject decisions and gain greater visibility into every critical step of your cold chain.In addition to the strict quality control methods used in the desig..
Rs. 7,400/-
Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-15
OVERVIEW:Elitech RC – 51 Waterproof USB Temperature&Humidity Datalogger is ideal for pharmaceuticals, medical cabinets, fresh food cabinets, laboratories, etc. You can use it to monitor and record temperature in cold chain management that requires a quick response data logger.All Elitech Waterpr..
Rs. 10,200/-
Elitech WJL-6000 Halogen Leak Detector
Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-13
OVERVIEW:Elitech WJL-6000 portable refrigerant freon leak detector is a reliable product with ease of operation. This leak detector is an ideal and economic freon and halogen leak detector. Its application is detecting pipeline leakage, automobile air conditioner, cold storage, refrigerator repair, ..
Rs. 7,000/-
WT-2 Elitech Digital Thermometer
Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-05
OVERVIEW:Elitech Digital Thermometers Hygromete WT-2 Fashionable appearance,lengthened metal probe with lead wire, data keeping, switch between 'C/°F, Max./Min.temperature  memory, temperature  upper and lower limit setting and exceeding temperature alarming, widely applied to HVAC and foo..
Rs. 3,800/-
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Elitech Products Price in Pakistan

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Product Name Price
Elitech GSP-6 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Rs. 12,500/-
Elitech RCW800 WIFI Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Rs. 38,500/-
Elitech STC-100A Temperature Controller Cake Cabinet Thermostat Rs. 3,000/-
Elitech WT-9 Digital Thermometer Rs. 2,200/-
Elitech WT-1 Portable Pen Digital Thermometer Rs. 1,500/-
Elitech LD100+ Refrigerant Leak Detector Rs. 17,000/-
Elitech BT-3 Thermo Hygrometer Rs. 3,700/-
Elitech HLD-100+ Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector Rs. 11,500/-
Elitech RC-4HC Temperature Humidity Data Logger Rs. 9,560/-
Elitech RC-5 USB Temperature Data Logger Rs. 5,000/-
Elitech STC-8000HX Temperature Controller Rs. 3,000/-
Elitech RC-17 Disposable Temperature Recorder Data Logger Rs. 2,200/-
Elitech RC-5+ USB Temperature Data Logger Rs. 7,400/-
Elitech RC-51H USB Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Rs. 10,200/-
Elitech WJL-6000 Halogen Leak Detector Rs. 7,000/-