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Flame Sensor Module

Flame Sensor Module  Price in Pakistan
Flame Sensor Module
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  • Model: SETH-06


A flame sensor module that consists of a flame sensor (IR receiver), resistor, capacitor, potentiometer, and comparator LM393 is an integrated circuit. It can detect infrared light with a wavelength ranging from 700nm to 1000nm. The far-infrared flame probe converts the light detected in the form of infrared light into current changes. Sensitivity is adjusted through the onboard variable resistor with a detection angle of 60 degrees.

  • Sensitive to flame spectrum
  • Features wide-range voltage comparator LM393
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Signal output indicator
Product Details
Product NameFlame Sensor Module
PriceRs. 120/-
General Specification
Detection angle0 - 60 degree
Operating Temperature-25℃ ~ 85℃
Power3.3V ~ 5.3V
Spectrum range760nm ~ 1100nm
Dimension27.3mm * 15.4mm

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