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STP 76400 Ultra Petrol

STP 76400 Ultra Petrol  Price in Pakistan
STP 76400 Ultra Petrol
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  • Brand: STP
  • Model: WD-28


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Engineered with a special blend of high-performance detergents, power booster and friction modifier, STP® Ultra 5-in-1 is our most advanced formula. Designed to bring out the best in your car, STP® Ultra 5-in-1 helps restore the performance you once enjoyed. So if you would like to enhance your engine and give your car the ultimate clean up resulting in more miles to the gallon, STP® Ultra 5-in-1 is the perfect product for you and your vehicle.STP Ultra 5-in-1 Petrol System Cleaner is engineered with a special blend of high-performance detergents to help clean your fuel delivery system, corrosion inhibitors to protect it and power boosters to give your vehicle extra ‘oomph’. Once added to your fuel delivery system it works its way through, removing built up deposits. STP® Wearguard coats cylinder walls reducing friction to ensure the engine runs as efficiently as possible.


  • Restore performance
  • Reduce friction
  • Inhibit corrosion
  • Power booster
  • Prevent hard starts and engine hesitation
  • Reduces knocking and pinging
  • Save fuel
  • Reduce emissions

Product Details
Product NameSTP 76400 Ultra Petrol
PriceRs. 2,640/-
Dimension (L x W x H)23.2 x 10.2 x 4.6 cm
General Specification
Weight399.16 Grams

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