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Delta DVP20SX211R 2nd Generation Analog I/O Slim PLC

Delta DVP20SX211R 2nd Generation Analog I/O Slim PLC  Price in Pakistan
Delta DVP20SX211R 2nd Generation Analog I/O Slim PLC
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  • Model: CPCB-1694


Deltas high-performance, high-speed DVP series PLCs are the most efficient and incorporates communication capabilities. Advantages include numerous built-in convenient commands for easy operation access and communication function monitoring. The module-type unit affords tremendous space-saving, allowing simple, clip-on expansion possibilities. The PLCs high performance and extensive I/O units represent a high-value solution for machine control and industrial automation.

  • Adopts 32-bit CPU
  • Clip-on extension modules- general (right side)
  • Plug-in terminals for ease of wiring and maintenance
  • Compact dimensions (H) 90 mm x (D) 60 mm DIN rail mounting
  • Built-in high speed counters up to 100 - 200 kHz (model dependant)
  • Dual communication ports RS232 and RS485 MODBUS ASCII/RTU compatible
  • Program language: (IL) instruction list, (LD) ladder diagram, (SFC) sequential function chart


  • Built-in mini USB
  • No battery required
  • Execution speed: LD: 0.35μs
  • Supports 2-axis linear and arc interpolation
  • High-speed counters: 2 x 100kHz and 6 x 10kHz
  • High speed pulse output: 2 x 100kHz and 2 x 10kHz
  • Program capacity: 16k steps / data register: 10k words
  • Supports DVP-S series left-side (high speed) expansion modules
  • Supports standard MODBUS ASCII/RTU protocol and PLC link function

Product Details
Product NameDelta DVP20SX211R 2nd Generation Analog I/O Slim PLC
PriceRs. 31,400/-
Supply Voltage24VDC
General Specification
Display TypeNo Display
Number of inputs12 - Digital (8), Analog (4)
Number of Outputs8 - Analog (2), Relay (6)
Operating Temperature0°C ~ 55°C

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