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Mastech MS5201 Digital Insulation Tester

Mastech MS5201 Digital Insulation Tester  Price in Pakistan
Mastech MS5201 Digital Insulation Tester
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  • Brand: Mastech
  • Model: MTAM-0027


Mastech MS5201 is used to measure insulation resistance in the current-carrying elements of high-voltage power networks. The device meets the requirements of IEC1010-1 CAT III 600V and CAT II 1000V safety standard. The measurement results can be observed on a big LCD with 22 mm high digits and saved by means of the HOLD function. Sound and flash alarm options are applied in the Mastech MS5201 for overload indication. The tester is powered from 6 x AA 1,5 V batteries.


  • Designed to international safety standard IEC1010-1 CAT III 600V, CAT II 1000V
  • Data HOLD function
  • Sound and flash alarm options
  • High voltage output acousto-optic warning
  • Switch gear error warning
  • Automatic release measured line capacitance power
  • Insulation resistance test current accords with IEC348 standard requirement
  • Large LCD display: the word 22mm, the maximum display number 1999

Product Details
Product NameMastech MS5201 Digital Insulation Tester
PriceRs. 13,500/-
DC Voltage1000V 1V +-(0.8%+3)
AC Voltage700V 1V +-(1.2%+5)
Resistance200Ω 0.1Ω +-(1.0%+3)
Accuracy+-(3%+5) +-(3%+5) +-(3%+5) +-(5%+5)
Measuring range0~200MΩ 0~200MΩ 0~2000MΩ 0MΩ~1000MΩ 1000MΩ~2000MΩ
Insulation Resistance
Range200MΩ/250V 200MΩ/500V 2000MΩ/1000V
Test VoltageDC 250V +-10% DC 500V +-10% DC 1000V +-10%
Output Voltage on Open Circuit250V +-10% 500V +-10% 1000V +-10%
Minimum Output Voltage225V at 0.25MΩ 450V at 0.5MΩ 900V at 1MΩ
Output Voltage Circuit Current≤2.5mA
Test Current (approx.)1mA at 0.25MΩ 1mA at 0.5MΩ 1mA at 1MΩ
General Specification
Output Voltage

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