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Power & Sound Analyzer

Brand: Lovato Model: LOVO-169
OVERVIEW:Digital Energy Meter & Electrical Power Analyzer With ICOn type large LCD display, with whit backlight.DMG 600 and DMG 610 digital multimeter are capable of viewing the measurements with high accuracy on the wide graphic LCD, which allow controlling energy distribution networks.Feature:..
Rs. 215,000/-
Brand: Fluke Model: FLUE-92
OVERVIEW:Fluke’s 1735 Three-Phase power data logger is Fluke's most versatile multi-purpose power quality and energy analyzer on the market for the price and is the ideal power meter for conducting energy studies and basic power quality logging. Set the Power Logger up in seconds with the included f..
Rs. 825,000/-
Brand: UNI-T Model: UNIT-322
OVERVIEW:UT283A is a handheld multi-functional device designed to measure and analyze single-phase power systems. This portable S class device can measure amplitude, phase, harmonics, current, voltage, and record results in SD card for further analysis and export. This product is suitable for profes..
Rs. 588,500/-
Brand: UNI-T Model: UNIT-21
OVERVIEW:UNI-T’s UT351 Sound Level (30~130dB) Meter has A&C frequency weighting mode. 2 power supply methods and fast/slow sampling rate are selectable.Features:Analog Outputs: AC: 0.707Vrms full scale; Output impedance: around 600ΩDC: 2Vrms fu..
Rs. 22,000/-
Brand: UNI-T Model: UNIT-162
OVERVIEW:UT353BT is portable digital sound meter can convert ambient sound into electric signal and process data. It has compact design and easy to operate with user friendly interface. Bluetooth function is added for data transfer and analysis on mobile App, which can be downloaded in App Store.Fea..
Rs. 6,360/-
Brand: TES Model: WTES-26
OVERVIEW:10 Display Easy - to - View LCD Screen. Connectors for 4 Current Sensing Clamps. 1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W2M & 3P4W Power Measurement. True RMS Sensing. Power KW, KVAR, KVA, PF, θ ,Hz, & Energy KWh, KVARh & KVAh Measurement. Phase sequency indicator function.&nbs..
Rs. 298,000/-
Brand: TES Model: WTES-49
OVERVIEW:Power Analysis for 3P4W, 3P3W, 1P2W, 1P3WTrue RMS value (V123 and I123)Active Power (W, KW, MW, GW)Apparent and Reactive Power (KVA, KVAR)Power Factor (PF), Phase Angle (Φ)Energy (WH, KWH, KVARH, PFH)AC Current (20A to 6000A) and Voltage measurement: True RMS, Auto Range.Capable of analyzin..
Rs. 273,000/-
Brand: Total Model: TOTL-668
OVERVIEW:Go to the “BUY NOW” button and have it at your doorstep.Explore to find the latest “Total” products and other electronic components at discounted prices in Pakistan with cash-on-delivery service available throughout the country...
Rs. 12,870/-
Brand: GW INSTEK Model: GWIK-07
OVERVIEW:GW Instek GSP-730 is a 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer mainly developed to fulfill the demands of RF Communication educations. Budget constraint and insufficient teaching tools are normally the two hurdles for schools to provide high-quality courses for RF communication experiments. A moderate spec..
Rs. 400,000/-
Brand: Lovato Model: LOVO-170
OVERVIEW:Digital Energy Meter & Electrical Power Analyzer With ICOn type large LCD display, with whit backlight.Modular lcd multimeter, non expandable, backlight lcd icon display, auxiliary supply 100-240vac/115-250vdc. Multilanguage: italian, english, french, german, spanish and portugueseThe D..
Rs. 160,000/-
Brand: BENETECH Model: BENH-41
OVERVIEW:The appearance design of the digital sound level meter is novel, small and portable. The digital sound level meter is applicable for measurement of noise engineering, quality control, health prevention and various environmental noise, including noise measurement in such various places asfac..
Rs. 2,280/-
Brand: elcontrol Model: ELCL-09
OVERVIEW:NANOVIP PLUS is a handy and Versatile power, energy and harmonics analyzer that sharply enhances the quality of information and decision making for the knowledgeable electrical engineer. Its small size, quick connections and its ability to provide a very wide range of data makes it an extre..
Rs. 1,120,000/-
Model: MTAM-0307
OVERVIEW:Suit for LV/ HV voltage system             For low voltage system, ECM770 direct connect up to 600VAC             For high voltage system, ECM770 need to connect with PTs, PT ratio programmableReal Time Metering:Voltage: ..
Rs. 52,200/-
Model: MTAM-0727
OVERVIEW:This FLANK F-1350 Digital Mini Sound Level Meter 40dB-130dB is mainly used for measuring environmental noise in various occasions, such as industry, office, traffic, loudspeaker box, air-conditioner, refrigerator, etc.Features:Wide dynamic measuring range is from 40dB to 130dBHigh accuracy ..
Rs. 6,000/-
Brand: Lutron Model: LUTN-135
OVERVIEW:The Digital Watt Meter give a direct reading of Watt value on 3 ½ digits LCD display, five range and functions give precision reading to the ACV, ACA, DCV, DCA, and WATT. Then to NEW type of performance that make them them ideal for many applications including industry, labs, service shop a..
Rs. 32,000/-
Brand: BENETECH Model: BENH-19
FEATURES:The wide measuring range is from 30dB to 130dBHigh accuracy measuring functionAn automatic backlight LCD displayMaximum value hold functionLow battery indication is energy-savingAn auto power-off function is smart and convenientHandheld design with the ergonomic..
Rs. 6,500/-
Brand: BENETECH Model: BENH-31
OVERVIEW:This Digital Sound Noise Level Meter is designed to meet the measurement requirement of safety engineers, health, industrial safety offices and sound quality control in various environments, which include factory, office, traffic, family and audio system.Features:It is designed according to..
Rs. 12,000/-
Brand: BENETECH Model: BENH-20
OVERVIEW:This equipment has been designed to meet the measurement requirement of Safety Engineers, Health, Industrial Safety offices and Sound Quality control in various environment, which include factory, office, traffic, family, and audio system. It is designed accor..
Rs. 10,500/-
Brand: Fluke Model: FLUE-77
OVERVIEW:The Fluke 437-II series helps you locate, predict, prevent and troubleshoot Power Quality Issues – 50Hz, 60Hz, and 400Hz.400 Hz operation according to MIL-STD 1399 for use in avionic and military applicationsShipboard power measurement system analyzes ..
Rs. 1,650,000/-
Brand: HOTECHE Model: HOTE-1007
OVERVIEW:Go to the “BUY NOW” button and have it at your doorstep.Explore to find the latest “Hoteche” products and other electronic components at discounted prices in Pakistan with cash-on-delivery service available throughout the country...
Rs. 9,100/-
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The minimum power & sound analyzer price in Pakistan is 2,100 and the estimated average price is 30,400

Product NamePrice
Circutor CVM-MINI Adaptor Front Panel AdaptorRs. 2,100/- 
Uni-T UT353 Mini Sound Level MeterRs. 3,000/- 
Benetech GM89 Digital Power Meter AnalyzerRs. 3,500/- 
UNI-T UT351 Digital Sound Level MeterRs. 11,000/- 
TES-1350A Sound Level MeterRs. 18,000/- 
Socomec Countis AM10 Electrical Energy AnalyzerRs. 22,400/- 
Lutron DW-6060 Digital Watt MeterRs. 29,000/- 
Inter PM-PA96 Digital Energy AnalyzerRs. 30,400/- 
Schneider PM9C Energy AnalyzerRs. 33,000/- 
Kaise KG-70 Digital Sound Level MeterRs. 33,500/- 

The maximum price of Power & Sound Analyzer in Pakistan is Rs. 1,120,000 and the estimated average price is Rs. 267,547. provides cash on delivery service all over Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, Faisalabad and many other cities.

Product NamePrice
Lovato Electric DMG610 Digital Energy Meter & Electrical Power AnalyzerRs. 215,000/-
Fluke 1735 Three-Phase Power Quality LoggerRs. 825,000/-
Uni-T UT285C Three Phase Power Quality AnalyzerRs. 588,500/-
UNI-T UT351 Digital Sound Level MeterRs. 22,000/-
Uni-T UT353BT Mini Sound Level MeterRs. 6,360/-
TES 3600N Three Phase Power AnalyzerRs. 298,000/-
PROVA 6830A + AFLEX 3006 Power and Harmonics Analyzer (6000A)Rs. 273,000/-
Total TETSL01 Digital Sound Level MeterRs. 12,870/-
GW Instek GSP-730 Spectrum AnalyzerRs. 400,000/-
Lovato Electric DMG100 Digital Energy Meter & Electrical Power AnalyzerRs. 160,000/-
Benetech GM-1352 Mini Sound Level MeterRs. 2,280/-
Elcontrol Nanovip Plus 1000 Power And Harmonic AnalyzerRs. 1,120,000/-
ECM-770 Multifunction Power AnalyzerRs. 52,200/-
Flank F-1350 Digital Mini Sound Level MeterRs. 6,000/-
Lutron DW-6060 Digital Watt MeterRs. 32,000/-