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Linksys E1200 N300 Wireless Router

Linksys E1200 N300 Wireless Router  Price in Pakistan
Linksys E1200 N300 Wireless Router  Price in Pakistan
Linksys E1200 N300 Wireless Router Price in Pakistan
Linksys E1200 N300 Wireless Router Price in Pakistan
Linksys E1200 N300 Wireless Router
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  • Brand: Linksys
  • Model: CONR-355


The Linksys E1200 N300 Wireless Router lets you access the Internet through a 2.4 GHz wireless connection or by using any of its four (4) Ethernet ports.  The range of this router can reach up to 250 meters. 
IMPORTANT:  The actual performance of the router like wireless connection, data throughput rate, range and coverage may vary due to any of the

following factors:
Distance from the access point or router
Volume of network traffic
Operating system (OS) of the computer
Interference from other wireless and electronic devices
Obstructions like walls and furniture
Wireless standard of the adapters used
QUICK TIP:  You can resolve some of these issues by following the steps
Wireless-N technology
2.4 GHz radio frequency
2x2 Transmit / Receive function
Two (2) internal antennas
Guest Access feature
Four (4) Ethernet ports 10 /100 Mbps
Linksys Connect Software

NOTE:  The Linksys E1200 N300 Wireless Router v2 has the following new features:

IPv6 compatibility
Built-in Parental Controls and Internet Access Policy features.

Security features are included to help protect your data and privacy while connected online.  Security features are:
Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2™) security provides encryption for data on your wireless network.

Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall blocks unwanted access to your Linksys E1200.

Network Address Translation (NAT) technology protects and allows your entire network to access the Internet using a single Internet IP Address.
Configuring the device’s advanced settings is available through the router’s web-based setup page.

Internet port - Connects your modem to your Linksys router through an Ethernet Cable.  The Internet LED lights up when there is a connection made through this port.  It flashes to indicate network activity over the Internet port.

Ethernet-capable device to the Linksys router.

NOTE:  The LEDs at the back panel stay solid when a device is connected to the router through one of the Ethernet ports.  The LEDs flash to indicate network activity over a certain port.
 Reset button - This allows you to reset the router to its factory defaults.  Press and hold the Reset button for approximately five (5) seconds, or restore the defaults from the Administration > Factory Defaults page on the router's web-based setup page.

Minimum System Requirements
Windows® XP SP3
Windows Vista® SP1 or later
Windows® 7
Windows® 8 / 8.1
Windows® 10
Leopard 10.5
Snow Leopard 10.6
Mavericks 10.9
Yosemite 10.10
El Capitan 10.11
macOS™ Sierra 10.12
Web Browser
Internet Explorer® 7
Safari® 4
Firefox® 3 or higher
Google Chrome™

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Product NameLinksys E1200 N300 Wireless Router
PriceRs. 6,200/-

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