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LM35 Temperature Sensor

LM35 Temperature Sensor  Price in Pakistan
LM35 Temperature Sensor
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Temperature is one of the most commonly measured parameter in the world. They are used in your daily household devices from Microwave,fridges, AC to all fields of engineering. Temperature sensor basically measures the heat/cold generated by an object to which it is connected. It then provides a proportional resistance, current or voltage output which is then measured or processed as per our application.  


  • Calibrated directly in Degree Celsius (Centigrade)
  • Linear at 10.0 mV/°C scale factor
  • 0.5°C accuracy guarantee-able (at a25°C)
  • Rated for full -55°C to a 150°C range
  • Suitable for remote applications
  • Low cost due to wafer-level trimming
  • Operates from 4 to 30 volts
  • Less than 60 mA current drain
  • Low self-heating, 0.08°C instil an air
  • Non-linearity only 0.25°C typical
  • Low impedance output, 0.1Ωfor 1 mA load 

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Product NameLM35 Temperature Sensor
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