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Lutron DT-2234C Digital Tachometer

Lutron DT-2234C Digital Tachometer
Lutron DT-2234C Digital Tachometer
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  • Brand: Lutron
  • Model: MTAM-246


  • Microcomputer and advanced semiconductor laser technology is used for fast and highly accurate measurement.
  • The non-contact meter analyses laser beam reflected off a rotating object into the meter and converts it into RPM value, the laser reflection is eyeable for easy object locating.
  • Memory button recalls the last, Min and Max values during the measuring period.
  • Wide measuring range, high resolution and high reliability.
  • Auto zero adjustment
  • New streamline plastic casing, designed to fit comfortably in either hand.


Measuring range 5-99,999 RPM
Accuracy ±0.05% + 1dg
Resolution 0.1 RPM (<1000 RPM) - 1.0 RPM (≥1000 RPM)
Measuring Distance max. 2.0 meters
General Specification
Dimensions 190 x 72 x 37 mm
weight Approx. 200g

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