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Metrologic Barcode Scanner MK9540

Metrologic Barcode Scanner MK9540  Price in Pakistan
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Metrologic Barcode Scanner MK9540
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With a futuristic design and high-performance scanning technology the MS9540 Voyager is equipped with all of the features of the MS9520 Voyager with the addition of Metrologic's exclusive CodeGate data transmission technology. CodeGate is an intuitive scanning system that is ideal for all scanning applications including Point-of-Sale document processing inventory and menu scanning, just to name a few. CodeGate works hand in hand with Metrologic's automatic-triggering scheme. Simply present a barcode to the scanner, place the high-visibility laser line on the barcode, then press the CodeGate button to transmit the data to the host system. It's as easy as one-two-three! Equipped with both in-stand and out-of-stand operation, the Voyager can be used as both a handheld and fixed projection scanner. While resting in the stand, the CodeGate button is deactivated, making the VoyagerCG a presentation scanner. The feature-packed Voyager comes equipped with PowerLink user-replaceable cables and power supply, MetroSelect one-code programming, MetroSet Windows-based software configuration utility, Bits n' Pieces data editing utility, and an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) option. With aggressive performance and lightweight design, VoyagerCG is far and away the most advanced scanner on the market today!

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Product NameMetrologic Barcode Scanner MK9540
PriceRs. 0/-
General Specification
Dimensions7.8in. high x 3.1in. wide x 1.6in. deep

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