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Mux Curtain Motor

Mux Curtain Motor  Price in Pakistan
Mux Curtain Motor
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  • Brand: Mux Life
  • Model: BEHR-2986


Curtains Kit is an automation system, which allows you to control the opening and closing of curtains. The Curtain Kit comes with motors, brackets and switchboards.

Wireless Remote Access

Mux Smart Blinds provides access to manage and control blinds by using a smartphone connected to the internet.

No Hub Required

Mux Smart Blinds works seamlessly with any Wi-Fi router. You don’t need a separate hub or paid subscription service, allowing you to easily control your appliances via mobile application

Fast and Easy Setup

Mux devices are fast to install and easy to use. It connects to your home Wi-Fi in no time and it remotely controls appliances from a smartphone.

Voice Control 

Users can easily control appliances connected to your Blinds via voice control with the help of google assistant.


Users can easily set scenes by their application and with a single click you can manage multiple appliances through the Mux application.


Users can easily control and manage their appliances at a point in time just by creating an automation through your mobile application.


Mux allows you to control your appliance at any set time


  • Wi-Fi Coverage
  • Mux Life Application Android > 6 OR iOS > 10
  • Neutral wire required inside the Wall Mount

Product Details
Product NameMux Curtain Motor
PriceRS, 24,100/-
Computers Specs
Rated Current0.3A
Rated Voltage90-240V
General Specification
Insulation ClassE class
TypeCurtain Motor

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