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NEMA 24 Stepper Motor

NEMA 24 Stepper Motor  price in Paksitan
NEMA 24 Stepper Motor
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  • Model: ROMD-09
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Rs. 2,600/-


A series of stepper motors with flange 60mmx60mm (also known as NEMA24), slightly larger than the most common NEMA23.

The larger internal rotor allows to improve the performance of the application when the load is highly inertial, as it improves the inertia relation between the motor and the load itself.

Different windings are available for an optimal use of the motor at different speeds. The model M1243044 at low phase inductance is particularly suitable when the drive is supplied at 24Vdc.


  • 200 steps per revolution, 1.8 degrees
  • Coil #1: Red & Yellow wire pair. Coil #2 Green & Brown/Gray wire pair.
  • Bipolar stepper, requires 2 full H-bridges!
  • 4-wire, 8-inch leads
  • 42mm/1.65" square body
  • 31mm/1.22" square mounting holes, 3mm metric screws (M3)
  • 5mm diameter drive shaft, 24mm long, with a machined flat
  • 12V rated voltage (you can drive it at a lower voltage, but the torque will drop) at 350mA max current
  • 28 oz*in, 20 N*cm, 2 Kg*cm holding torque per phase
  • 35 ohms per winding


NEMA 24 Stepper Motor

Product Details
Product NameNEMA 24 Stepper Motor
PriceRs. 2,600/-
Ambient Temperature-20℃~+50℃
Inductance Accuracy±20%
Resistance Accuracy±10%
Temperature Rise80℃ Max
Insulation Resistance100MΩMin.500VDC
Dielectric Strength500VAC for one minute
General Specification
Shaft Axial Play0.08Max.(450g-load)
Shaft Radial Play0.02Max.(450g-load)
Step Angle Accuracy±5%

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