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OfficeStd 2016 SNGL OLP NL

OfficeStd 2016 SNGL OLP NL  Price in Pakistan
OfficeStd 2016 SNGL OLP NL


Office Standard 2016 provides a comprehensive toolset for individual productivity, including the tools you need to create great-looking documents, spreadsheets, and presentations quickly and easily; and manage email.


Want a basic desktop suite to create documents, track finances/inventory, analyze data for business insights, and create presentations and marketing/sales collateral. - Need to communicate with others within and outside of your organization and track business contacts. - Are looking for a work-capable desktop suite at an affordable price.


  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software
  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentation graphics program 
  • Microsoft Outlook messaging and collaboration client 
  • Microsoft OneNote note-taking program
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Office Web Apps Call for Corporate requirement & quotation.

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Product NameOfficeStd 2016 SNGL OLP NL
PriceRs. 46,010/-

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