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DCA AQW5.5-10 High Pressure Washer

DCA AQW5.5-10 High Pressure Washer  Price in Pakistan
DCA AQW5.5-10 High Pressure Washer
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  • Model: HGCB-200


High Pressure Washer is used for sawing wood or rigid plastic in wood venues or outdoor, which can also be table saw with tripod. It can groove on wood, cut all kinds of plastic plates, plastic coated board, new soft material, thin aluminum, wood, and concrete plate.

Product Details
Product NameDCA AQW5.5-10 High Pressure Washer
PriceRs. 16,500/-
Rated power1600W
General Specification
Net Weight8.5kg
Rated Flow5.5L/min
Rated Pressure100Bar

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