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Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's)

Panasonic FPO-C14RS Programmable Logic Controller
Brand: Panasonic Model: ICCP-01
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Delta DVP28SV11R Relay Output PLC
Brand: Delta Inverters Model: CPCB-1696
OVERVIEW:The SV/SV2 is a 28-point (16 inputs + 12 outputs)/24-point (10 inputs + 12 outputs + 2 analog input channels) PLCMPU, offering various instructions and with 16k (SV)/30k (SV2) steps program memory, able to connect to all Slim type series extension models, including digital I/O (max. 512 poi..
Delta DVP12SE211R Relay Output PLC
Brand: Delta Inverters Model: CPCB-1697
OVERVIEW:Supports 2 linear axes and interpolar spring4 sets of pulse output (2 x 100kHz / 2 x 10kHz)Program capacity: 16k8 high speed meters (2 x 100kHz 6 x 10kHz)Digital inputs: 8Digital outputs: 4Output type: relayExtendable up to 480 I / O pointsRS-232 and RS-485 communicationModbus ASCII / RTU p..
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Product NamePrice
Delta DVP14SS211R Programmable Logic ControllerRs. 12,700/- 
Delta DVP28SS211R Programmable Logic ControllerRs. 19,300/- 
Panasonic FPO-PSA2 Programmable Logic ControllerRs. 23,200/- 
Delta DVP32ES200R Programmable Logic ControllerRs. 27,400/- 
Panasonic FPO-E16RS Programmable Logic ControllerRs. 52,000/- 
Panasonic FPO-C14RS Programmable Logic ControllerRs. 52,000/- 
Panasonic/Nais FP-E Programmable Logic ControllerRs. 80,000/- 
Panasonic FPO-C32T Programmable Logic ControllerRs. 113,600/- 
Panasonic/Nais FP1-C24-AFP12217C Programmable Logic ControllerRs. 124,000/- 
Panasonic/Nais FP1-C40-AFP12417C Programmable Logic ControllerRs. 188,000/- 

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