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Ronin R-860 Gamers Earpod

Ronin R-860 Gamers Earpod price in Paksitan
Ronin R-860 Gamers Earpod
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  • Model: RONN-216
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Rs. 10,800/-


The Ronin Gamers Earpods are made for gamers who need to cut the cord and be free. We’ve crafted them with cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art technology like 4 taps gaming mode and neon lights, all to ensure you’re not wandering around the house looking for where you left those darn Bluetooth earpieces. 

Product Details
Product Name Ronin R-860 Gamers Earpod
Price Rs,5,180/-
Display Specification
Color Black
Charging Time 1 Hour
General Specification
Connectivity Type TWS Bluetooth
Type Gamers Earpod
Usage Time 420 mAh Case Battery Capacity 40 mAh Each Earbud Battery (Up to 4 hours continuous Gameplay)

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