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Sanwa Products Price in Pakistan

Brand: SANWA Model: SANA-56
OVERVIEW:Length 1.8mLCR700, OPM35S, OPM-360, OPM37LAN..
Rs. 6,930/-
Brand: SANWA Model: SANA-09
OVERVIEW:Dimension: 205 × 140 × 80mmHard case.Applicable Model:LCR700, PC700, PC7000, PC710, PC720MDocument:Sanwa C-PC7 PDF..
Rs. 6,006/-
Brand: SANWA Model: SANA-07
OVERVIEW:AC current measurable max. 600ALong analog pointer with "pointer lock" functionTemperature measurement with optional probeDisplay: Analog pointerAC frequency bandwidth : 50 / 60HzDocument:Sanwa CAM-600S Clamp Meter..
Rs. 14,080/-
Brand: SANWA Model: SANA-37
OVERVIEW:3-3/4 digits 4000 countEasy to read large LCDThermoplastic elastomer, high resistance against drop shockSafety cap on the current terminalData hold, Range hold, Relative functionContinuity check, Diode testAuto power-off function (30min.)Display: num..
Rs. 28,000/-
Brand: SANWA Model: SANA-03
OVERVIEW:3-3/4 digits 4000 countAC True RMSEasy to read large LCD with BacklightLarge breaking capacity fuse 30kAK-type thermocouple temperature measurement -20℃〜300℃Thermoplastic elastomer, high resistance against drop shockSafety cap on the..
Rs. 57,000/-
Brand: SANWA Model: SANA-63
OVERVIEW:Explore, Get the latest Sanwa & other electronic components at a discounted price in Pakistan with free cash on delivery service across Pakistan. We provide Sanwa at official prices from distributors and dealers in Pakistan.Feature:Alligator clip(use with test leads by inser..
Rs. 935/-
Brand: SANWA Model: SANA-64
FEATURES:Alligator Clip (use with test leads by inserting pins into the socket)Length 0.2m(big size) Applicable Test Leads:TL-21aTL-21MTL-23aTL-25aTL-60TL-61TL-84TL-91TL-91MTL-95 Document:Sanwa CL-15A pdf..
Rs. 940/-
Brand: SANWA Model: SANA-04
FEATURES:Length: 1.8mBattery life: approx-70HCurrent: DC/AC CurrentDocument:Sanwa CL-22AD Clamp Probe..
Rs. 22,220/-
Brand: SANWA Model: SANA-11
OVERVIEW:Length 0.33m Applicable Test Leads:TL-21aTL-23aTL-25a..
Rs. 3,465/-
Brand: SANWA Model: SANA-06
FEATURES:AC current, Flexible typeMaximum AC 3000A, TRUE RMSLR03X2 Length: 1.8mBattery life: approx. 110H  Document:Sanwa CL3000 Clamp Sensor..
Rs. 27,148/-
Brand: SANWA Model: SANA-12
OVERVIEW:This instrument is a portable multimeter designed for the measurement of the low-voltage circuit. This is used at small communications equipment, home electric appliances, the voltage of lump line, and measurement of various types of batteries. You can also use this model as an elec..
Rs. 17,000/-
Brand: SANWA Model: SANA-16
FEATURES:Slim core for narrow spaceBacklightMarks to make sure the object is properly clampedData holdAuto power off (30min.)Sampling rate : 2 times / sec.AC frequency bandwidth: 45〜400HzDocument:Sanwa DCL10 Clamp Meter..
Rs. 18,000/-
Brand: SANWA Model: SANA-14
OVERVIEW:This instrument is an AC clamp meter/digital multimeter, designed for measurements in the range specified by IEC61010-2-032 CAT.III 600V. It is suitable for current and voltage measurements of low-voltage circuitry, electric equipment, and power supply facilities.Features:AC current measura..
Rs. 22,000/-
Brand: SANWA Model: SANA-15
OVERVIEW:Lightweight approx. 290gTrue RMSLarge LCD with BacklightEasy to use large size data hold buttonAC voltage detection function (EF)Auto V / Ω detectionMAX. 1200A measurableDisplay: numeral display 6000Sampling rate : 5 times / sec.AC frequency bandwidth..
Rs. 40,000/-
Brand: SANWA Model: SANA-13
OVERVIEW:True RMSSlim core for narrow spaceBacklightMarks to make sure the object is properly clampedData holdAuto power off (30min.)Sampling rate : 2 times / sec.AC frequency bandwidth: 45〜400HzDocument:Sanwa DCL20R Clamp Meter..
Rs. 21,000/-
Brand: SANWA Model: SANA-18
OVERVIEW:Flexibility facilitating conductor clamping even in narrow spaceAC current measurable max. 3000ATrue RMSData hold, Max/Min value holdBacklightSampling rate: approx. 2 times/sec.Document:Sanwa DCL3000R PDF..
Rs. 37,620/-
Brand: SANWA Model: SANA-17
OVERVIEW:True RMSPeak hold (10ms)BacklightMarks to make sure the object is properly clampedData holdAuto power off (30min.)Sampling rate : 2 times / sec.AC frequency bandwidth: 45〜400HzDocument:Sanwa DCL30DR Clamp Meter..
Rs. 20,130/-
Brand: SANWA Model: SANA-20
OVERVIEW:DC / AC current measurable max. 200A.Continuity check buzzer.Data hold.Slim core for narrow space.Display: numeral display 1999.Sampling rate : 2 times / sec. for numeral display.AC frequency bandwidth: 40〜400Hz (ACA), 40〜 500Hz (ACV).Document:Sanwa DCM..
Rs. 75,000/-
Brand: SANWA Model: SANA-19
OVERVIEW:4000 count / 42 segment analog bar graphFrequency measurement by clamping and using test leadData holdContinuity check buzzerAuto power off (30min.)Low battery power indicationSampling rate : 2 times / sec. for numeral displayAC frequencybandwidth: 50〜6..
Rs. 19,500/-
Brand: SANWA Model: SANA-21
OVERVIEW:4000 count / 42 segment analog bar graphDC / AC current 40A/400AData hold / Range holdRelative valueContinuity check buzzerAuto power off (30min.)Low battery power indicationDisplay: numeral display 3999, bar graph 42 segmentsSampling rate : 2 times ..
Rs. 30,000/-
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Sanwa Products Price in Pakistan

Buy Sanwa products online at best price in Pakistan. Get genuine July 2024 Sanwa products like Digital Multimeters, Laser Power Meters, Clamp Meters, Probes, Analog Multimeters, Phase Detectors and other products at lowest price in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar & across Pakistan.

Explore, Get July 2024 latest Sanwa Products & other electronic components at discounted price in Pakistan with free cash on delivery service across Pakistan. We provide Sanwa products at official prices from distributor and dealers in Pakistan.

The minimum sanwa price in pakistan is 940 and the estimated average of price is 15,500.

Product NamePrice
Sanwa Cl-15A Accessories / Clip AdapterRs. 940/- 
Sanwa C-PC7 Accessories-Carrying CaseRs. 6,006/- 
Sanwa AD-30-2 LCR Meter AdapterRs. 6,930/- 
Sanwa PM3 Digital MultimeterRs. 7,500/- 
Sanwa CD800a Digital MultimeterRs. 9,500/- 
Sanwa EM7000 Analog MultimeterRs. 12,650/- 
Sanwa CD731a Digital Multimeter 20A Measuring RangeRs. 14,080/- 
Sanwa CAM-600S Clamp MeterRs. 14,080/- 
Sanwa DCM60L Clamp MeterRs. 15,500/- 
Sanwa DCL10 Clamp MeterRs. 18,000/- 

The minimum price of Sanwa Products in Pakistan is Rs. 935, the maximum price is Rs. 57,000 and the estimated average price is Rs. 18,982. provides cash on delivery service all over Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, Faisalabad and many other cities.

Product NamePrice
Sanwa AD-30-2 LCR Meter AdapterRs. 6,930/-
Sanwa C-PC7 Accessories/Carrying caseRs. 6,006/-
Sanwa CAM-600S Clamp MeterRs. 14,080/-
Sanwa CD770 Digital Multimeters / Standard typeRs. 28,000/-
Sanwa CD772 (Standard type TRUE RMS) Digital MultimeterRs. 57,000/-
Sanwa CL-13a Alligator ClipRs. 935/-
Sanwa Cl-15A Accessories / Clip AdapterRs. 940/-
Sanwa CL-22AD Clamp ProbeRs. 22,220/-
Sanwa CL-DG3A Accessories / Clip AdapterRs. 3,465/-
Sanwa CL3000 Clamp SensorRs. 27,148/-
Sanwa CX506A Analog Multitesters / Multifunctional ModelRs. 17,000/-
Sanwa DCL10 Clamp MeterRs. 18,000/-
Sanwa DCL1000 Clamp Meters / ACRs. 22,000/-
Sanwa DCL1200R Clamp MeterRs. 40,000/-
Sanwa DCL20R Clamp MeterRs. 21,000/-