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Inverex VEYRON II 3.2KW MPPT Solar Inverter

Inverex VEYRON II 3.2KW MPPT Solar Inverter price in Paksitan
Inverex VEYRON II 3.2KW MPPT Solar Inverter
  • Stock Availability: Discontinued
  • Model: INVX-37
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Rs. 185,000/-


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  • Auto Synchronization with Inverex Lithium Battery 
  • Works without Battery Directly on Solar 
  • Communication Port For BMS Through (RS485, CAN-BUS, RS232) 
  • Built-In Anti-Dust Kit For Dust Protection 
  • Conformal Coating For PCB Protection From Humidity 
  • With Grid-Tie/Net Metering Option 
  • Built-In MPPT Solar Charger Up to 4000 Watts (80 Amp)
  • Built-In BMS & SOC based battery control (3200-48V) 
  • Built-in Grid Feeding 
  • UP graded Model New Attractive Design 
  • PV-4000WATT5 SOLAR MPPT (120-450 VDC) 
  • 18 AMP MPPT Supports 600 Watts Solar Panels 
  • Anti-Dust Kit 
  • 80 AMP Solar Charger 
  • Works without Battery


Product Details
Product NameInverex VEYRON II 3.2KW MPPT Solar Inverter
PriceRs. 189,000/-
Rated Power3200W
Surge Power6400VA
General Specification
Frequency Range50/60Hz
TypeMPPT Solar Inverter
Wave formPure Sine Wave
Dimension100 x 300 x 440

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