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Stabimatic GLT-80S Centralized Voltage Stabilizer

Stabimatic GLT-80S Centralized Voltage Stabilizer  Price in Pakistan
Stabimatic GLT-80S Centralized Voltage Stabilizer


  • Three Phase 80KVA
  • Wide Three Phase Input Voltage Range(263-497V)
  • Wide Input Variation Also Available(Optional)
  • High Speed Servo Motor Control System
  • 3 Phase balanced and unbalanced lined and load soft start system
  • Ultra High Response Speed,Controlled Response from high torque low inertia servo system with no over shoot.
  • High Output Accuracy better than +/- 1%
  • High Frequency(approxymately 98% at full load)negligible wave form distortion.
  • Under Voltage,Over Voltage, and phase failure protection.
  • Surge and Speak Protection(Optional)
  • Phase Sequence Protection
  • Input/Output Supply Indications
  • Manually and Automatic phase balancer bypass operation in case of system failure
  • Auto reset system
  • Un-effected by supply frequency
  • Un-effected by load power factor
  • Door Safety Switch to turn the power off when the door is opened and turn the power on again when door is closed.(Optional)
  • 3 Phase 4 Wire Star Connection(Single Phase Available )
  • By PASS Switch Provided
  • Digital Display

Contained in robust and well ventillated steel cabinet with cable entries finished with the durable and anti-static powder coating paint.
All Phase Models are contained in cubical type enclosure having a subsubstained steel frame with panels and door access to controls and connections

Centralized Application:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical/QC Laboratories.
  • Small and Large Size Offices
  • Modern Banking Power System.
  • Independent Bungalows
  • Apartments
  • Community residential Complexes.
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hotels
  • Split AC Unit/Window AC
  • Centralized Cooling Plants
  • Schools/College/Universities
  • Sports Complexes.
  • Light and Heavy Industries
  • Textile Mills/Embroidery Units
  • Radio/TV Stations
  • Radar Stations
  • Air-Ports/Sea Ports
  • Weather forecast Facilities.
  • Military installations/Facilities.


Product Details
Product NameStabimatic GLT-80S Centralized Voltage Stabilizer
PriceRs. 696,000/-
Computers Specs
Cooling SystemCross air ventilated
Power Factor0.999 ( 99% )
Insulation ResistanceMore than 5M Ohm
Response TimeWithin 0.3 Sec. Against 15% input voltage deviation
Frequency50Hz / 60Hz
Efficiencybetter than 90%
General Specification
WaveformPure sine wave
Input Voltage154-286/ 266-496 (_+ 30%)
Output Voltage220V / 380V (_+ 0 to 1%)

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