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Stabimatic IST-10 Ultra Isolation Transformer

Stabimatic IST-10 Ultra Isolation Transformer   Price in Pakistan
Stabimatic IST-10 Ultra Isolation Transformer


Guaranteed protection from power line noise:

STABIMATIC Ultra-Isolation Noise-suppression Transformers prevent such power line transients as voltage fluctuations and spikes caused by lighting, utility network switching, air conditioners and other, noise sources from reaching your equipment. The low capacitive coupling between primary and secondary of these transformers, provided by a unique triple­ box shielding technique, produces a common-mode noise rejection ratio of over 10 Million to one. And STABIMATIC Ultra ­Isolation Transformers are guaranteed to do the job. Or your money back.

Standard Ultra-Isolation Transformer:

For maximum versatility, the dual-voltage windings permit hookup in any combination of the listed voltages one to one, step-up or step-down. Single phase transformers are available in two styles:

Terminal Style:

Available in all power ratings. Transformers are supplied with terminals or lugs for direct - wired installations. Wiring Instructions are in­cluded with each transformer.

Line Cord/Receptacle Style:

Available on models with power ratings through 2.4 WA. Transformers are supplied configuration.
There is a plug on the six ft input line Cord and a standard 220 V receptacle on the secondary. 125 VA through 500 VA models have a out put receptacle.
1 kVA models have a input plug and a duplex out put receptacle.
2.4 kVA models are limited to 20 amperes input and have a twist lock input plug and a duplex NEMA 5- 1511 out put receptacle. Three-phase models- Standard models are available pre-wired for specified operating voltages.

Non-standard Ultra-Isolation Transformer:

The following list includes all standard transformers. Transformers can be designed and manufactured to suit a full range of special requirements, such as 400 HZ and non-standard voltages.

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Product NameStabimatic IST-10 Ultra Isolation Transformer
PriceRs. 124,800/-

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