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ULN2003 Motor Driver IC

ULN2003 Motor Driver IC price in Paksitan
ULN2003 Motor Driver IC
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  • Model: SEBM-07
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ULN2003 IC is one of the most commonly used Motor driver IC generally used when we need to drive high current loads using digital logic circuits like Op-maps, Timers, Gates, Arduino, PIC, ARM etc. For example a motor that requires 9V and 300mA to run cannot be powered by an Arduino I/O hence we use this IC to source enough current and voltage for the load. 


  • Contains 7 high-voltage and high current Darlington pairs
  • Each pair is rated for 50V and 500mA
  • Input pins can be triggered by +5V
  • All seven Output pins can be connected to gather to drive loads up to (7×500mA) ~3.5A.
  • Can be directly controlled by logic devices like Digital Gates, Arduino, PIC etc

Product Details
Product Name Step Down Converter 5V 3A Output
Price Rs. Inquiry/-
Output Current 500 mA per driver
General Specification
Output Voltage 50 V

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