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Wanptek KPS15005D Programmable Regulated Power Supply

Wanptek KPS15005D Programmable Regulated Power Supply  Price in Pakistan
Wanptek KPS15005D Programmable Regulated Power Supply
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  • Model: CCPS-52


KPS series products are a high-power digital display program-controlled switching DC regulated power supply newly developed and upgraded by our company. This product is a DC programmable power supply with exquisite appearance, small size, high performance, powerful function and simple operation. It is suitable for testing in aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, computers and peripherals, communications, semiconductors, solar energy and automotive electronics industries. The product can display voltage and current at the same time, and its output voltage and output current are adjusted by the encoder knob, which can be continuously adjusted between 0 and the nominal value. It has high power, large current, fast response, and fast load transient response. , Low noise, easy to use and other significant advantages! The stability and ripple coefficient of the power supply are very good. It has various protection circuits such as short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and over-temperature protection. It can work at full load for a long time and is deeply loved by users.


  • Small size, light weight, suitable for work surface use and rack installation;
  • Exquisite appearance, flexible operation and convenient use;
  • High precision, internal use of original chips, stable and reliable performance;
  • Using high-gain amplifier circuit design, with good fast load transient response, to prevent unwanted voltage offset;
  • Using PWM modulation, high efficiency and more power saving;
  • Intelligent temperature control fan, low noise;
  • Built-in OVP over-voltage protection, OCP over-current protection, OPP over-load protection, OTP over-temperature protection, complete and reliable protection functions;
  • Voltage and current preset, OUT output function;
  • The product has a short-circuit protection alarm function

Product Details
Product NameWanptek KPS15005D Programmable Regulated Power Supply
PriceRs. 42,500/-
Display Specification
Display Resolutionvoltage 0.01V, current 0.01A
Rise Timeno load 15ms [email protected]@ load ≤ 30ms
Response Time2ms or less
General Specification
AccessibilityOutput output switch, OCP short circuit protection switch
Display Accuracy0.5% ± 3 words
Protection functionOVP, OCP, OPP, OTP
Readout resolutionvoltage 0.01v current 0.01a
Set Value Resolutionvoltage 0.01v current 0.01a

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