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BMP280 Barometric Pressure Sensor

BMP280 Barometric Pressure Sensor  Price in Pakistan
BMP280 Barometric Pressure Sensor
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Bosch has stepped up their game with their new BMP280 sensor, an environmental sensor with temperature, barometric pressure that is the next generation upgrade to the BMP085/BMP180/BMP183. This sensor is great for all sorts of weather sensing and can even be used in both I2C and SPI!
The BMP280 is the next-generation of sensors from Bosch, and is the upgrade to the BMP085/BMP180/BMP183 - with a low altitude noise of 0.25m and the same fast conversion time. It has the same specifications, but can use either I2C orSPI. For simple easy wiring, go with I2C. If you want to connect a bunch of sensors without worrying about I2C address collisions, go with SPI.


  • Connect Vin to the power supply, 3-5V is fine. Use the same voltage that the microcontroller logic is based off of. For most Arduinos, that is 5V
  • Connect GND to common power/data ground
  • Connect the SCK pin to the I2C clock SCL pin on your Arduino. On an UNO & '328 based Arduino, this is also known as A5, on a Mega it is also known as digital 21 and on a Leonardo/Micro, digital 3
  • Connect the SDI pin to the I2C data SDA pin on your Arduino. On an UNO & '328 based Arduino, this is also known as A4, on a Mega it is also known as digital 20 and on a Leonardo/Micro, digital 2


Product Details
Product NameBMP280 Barometric Pressure Sensor
PriceRs. 300/-
Current Consumption2.74µA (ultra-low power mode)
Supply Voltage1.2 ... 3.6V 1.71 ... 3.6V
Power Supply3-5v (internal low dropout regulator)
Temperature Accuracy± 1.0 ° C
General Specification
InterfacesI²C and SPI
Operation RangePressure: 300...1100 hPa Temperature: 0…+65°C

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