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Circutor CVM-C5-MC-485-C Multifunctional Multimeter For Panel

Circutor CVM-C5-MC-485-C Multifunctional Multimeter For Panel  Price in Pakistan
Circutor CVM-C5-MC-485-C Multifunctional Multimeter For Panel
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  • Brand: CIRCUTOR
  • Model: MTAM-0415


The CVM-C5 is a multifunctional multimeter for 96x96 mm panels with a compact energy log and four-quadrant measurement. Suitable for low-voltage installations in three-phase circuits with three or four wires, two-phase circuits with or without neutral or single-phase systems.

The CVM-C5 has more than 200 electrical parameters and it is a panel mounted (96 x 96 mm) multi-meter that records energy values. Compact with 4-quadrant measurement for Consumption and Generation which can measure the following parameters;

Display Features And Interface:

  • V, A, KW, Kva, PF, , Hz, KWh, Kvarh, Kvah, KvarLh, KvarCh kvarL, kvarC, φ
  • Vph-N, Vph-ph, Hours, Cost, kgCO2
  • Maximum Demand ( ) kW, kVA, A
  • Tariff selection for 2 different Resources
  • Selection of tariffs with a digital input. Perfect to calculate costs in two 
  • Quick display of parameters with a single button
  • Clearly displays the basic parameters of the installation
  • Displays the electricity consumption value according to the cost per kWh
  • KgCO2 indicator in consumption/generation or according to the energy source.
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Measurement with MC efficient current transformers from CIRCUTOR or /5 A or /1 A transformers.
  • 1 digital output (S0 interface)
  • 1 digital input (tariff or energy source selection)
  • Maximums, minimums and maximum demand.


  • Recording and displaying the consumption of energy from two different sources (network/generator set).
  • Generation of an impulse signal associated with the cost, kgCO2 emissions or savings, according to the consumption or generation of energy.
  • Generation of alarms with a transistor output; configurable parameters:
  • Low/High, hysteresis (%), NO/NC, connection/disconnection delay and interlocking.


Product Details
Product NameCircutor CVM-C5-MC-485-C Multifunctional Multimeter For Panel
PriceRs. 45,500/-
AltitudeMax : 2000 m
Safety StandardClass III according to EN 61010 | Double-insulated electric shock protection, Class II
Relative Humidity5 ... 95%
EnclosureVO self-extinguishing plastic
ProtocolRS-485 Modbus/RTU (depending on model)
Power Supply Voltage85-265 Vac / 50...60 Hz | 95-300 Vdc
Storage temperature-10...+50 ºC
Working temperature-5...+45 ºC
General Specification
AccuracyClass V, A : 0,5%
Current../250 mA
Digital InputTariff selection, NPN, optocoupled
Frequency45 ... 65 Hz
IP ProtectionFront panel: IP 51 | Rear: IP 21
Sampling32 samples/cycle
Speed9600, 19200, 38400
StandardIEC 664, VDE 0110, UL 94, IEC 801, IEC 348, IEC 571-1, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-6-1, EN 61010-1, CE, UL certified
Voltage300 Vac p-n / 520 Vac p-p
Dimensions96,7 x 96,7 x 62,60 mm
Digital outputS0 interface Configurable, up to 1,000 impulses per kW·h, kvar·h, etc. (24 Vdc max., 50 mA, 5 imp/s, Configurable Max. Ton/Toff)

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