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Circutor LM25-M Impulse Centralizer

Circutor LM25-M Impulse Centralizer price in Paksitan
Circutor LM25-M Impulse Centralizer
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The LM 4I/4O-M is a digital signals centralizer. The unit includes an RS-485 communications bus with a Modbus/ RTU protocol, which allows real-time control by communications. The unit is compatible with Power-Studio and Power Studio SCADA control software. It has 4-input impulse centralizing equipment. Inputs are opt-isolated to read impulses and it has a 32-bit memory to store the values metered.


  • The electronic meters provide pulse output proportional to the energy measured. It is a centralized energy meter with four inputs (optocoupled) for reading these pulses. Their values are then stored in the memory.
  • The LM4I-4O-M boasts a total of four digital inputs associated with 4 memory registers. Each register has 32 bits (4 bytes), thus boosting up to a maximum of FFFF FFFF hexadecimal, which means a total of 4,294,967,295 pulses.
  • When this figure is reached, the internal memory register reset on the next pulse, and metering starts again.
  • The minimum duration of the pulse or the change of status must be 50 ms and the minimum time between the successive pulse on the same input must be 50 ms. This represents a maximum sample frequency of 10 Hz.
  • eIt has an RS-485 communications port that can be used with an RS-232 or Ethernet converter to read and write the unit's records remotely, using the PowerStudio management software. The RS-485 bus can be used to connect up to 32 units that use this type of communications
  • Reading any Impulse-emitting device (up to 4 units). These parameters are useful to generate receipts or define a price/unit cost
  • Alarm central: the unit's outputs can act on contacts, sound, and/or luminous devices to carry out protection or warning operations with an internal relay.
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Product NameCircutor LM25-M Impulse Centralizer
PriceRs. 124,250/-

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